When the Clock Crows Twelve….Do you Love me?

It was a different kind of love that I never experienced before in my life. It is the kind of love people dream about. A love so profound, unconditional, and spiritually deep. The love is beyond what I still can possibly phantom I looked up into the sky and said thank you YHWH for watching over me this day, tomorrow and in the days to come….

In times like these I’m reminded of peter the disciple(taught one) of Jesus. He was a good faithful friend until Jesus was taken captive. Peter Kepha (the rock) and he denied him three times just as his good sinless master faced the beginning of his sacrificial persecution. Reeling from his denials we can only imagine his agony in knowing he failed someone he loved deeply. He was weak in fear of man and woman alike. Yet this very man will later seek the face of the most high, ask for forgiveness, and by command of Jesus feed people with the living word of God and be martyred or killed for the sake of preaching the teachings of Jesus.

Peter could have given up but in the depths of his pain he returned back to life again to follow Jesus. He discovered an eternal truth that overshadowed his temporal pain. In the midst of his emotional turmoil Peter saw Jesus ressurrected Alive full of victory and love for his chosen servants. It must of been something to behold that profound love appearing again with a request to continue to feed the lambs the sheep of the people of God. Peter knows all too well being in darkness and coming into the light of the truth and now we are presented with the same opportunity.

The greatest set up became an even greater Comeback!

Thanks be to Yah!

Inspired By Luke 22:54-62 and John 21:15-17

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