The Change That Beckons…

Long Nights

The nights are long the days are few yet one matter remains a remarkable clue for you.

The Cross of the Matter

The cross of the matter is to be seen crucified yet, a moment of rejoicing in absolute victory over sin, death and… Falsehood.

WE rose From The Grave

Dead and gone were we cuddled in our affliction. We bore the brunt of doubt amongst the cruelty of opposing words for us, for you, for everyone who would listen. Now, WE STAND correct. What some have come to know is that WE can be the lovely ones that think and listen to the calling within our souls to repent to turn from our wicked way to embrace the living path of truth. How beautiful are WE? In the day we see each other working out our best we create the lovely things on the earth while the beast is busy seeking to tear down our love we create even more. For there is a power greater than we are. Yes, a power greater than this most unholy beast and its unrighteous seed that breeds savagery. Yet despite efforts for us to fail we were miraculously thrust into our structured habitat of peace & safety. Thankfully our fight of love continues. Our quest FOR FREEDOM is not over in the dead dark night of rebuke. WE shall arise early to see the day done in a way that makes all rejoice.

Humanity is crying and only the Creator of all hears and sees all and will answer justly in the perfect appointed time miraculously.

Oh, the times WE ARE IN indeed…Yes, WE WATCH, BY FAITH…

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