Lost Pieces Found

Fitting Together

Everything right fits together in time just like a hand in glove

Just For A Moment

Just for a moment I remember your touch…

Just for moment I remember your sweet sounding voice…

Just for moment I see your endearing smile as you gaze into my eyes…

Just for a moment I see you holding me in your arms telling me you love me…

Just for moment before I open my eyes to eat my grape…I’m imaginatively thinking of an imaginary you.

Our Love

In the night I cried and you answered me in love wiping my tears away providing your sweet cure of comfort. In the midst of raging winds of turmoil you gave me peace to make it through the storm during the most difficult of days. Even when I thought I just couldn’t make it you told me that I could. Thank you Abba.

Submission to Your Love


Crossing Paths

What my eyes couldn’t believe my soul did when I saw you for the first time.

Night Watch

Don’t sing me no blues just give me the clues so I can find the rhyme and reason right before our savory season. Ya dig?

In The Dead of Night The Lights Came On

In the dead of night the lights came on and shined into the room of darkness. As the story goes truth began to rule that day.

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