The Streams Of Victory Overtake the Lies In An Epic Tale of Restoration…

It is the season for jolly summer bliss. Or is it? Taking a moment just to reflect on all the lovely things this world has to offer such, as the truth. As taboo as truth-telling can be for some the value in living our truth is often preached especially in western societies with reckless abandon and as some may put it at nauseum. Yet, there is an inner desire and/or belief that some people maintain a preference for the honest truth than to be forced fed deceiving lies.

However, at the end of the day how can we determine what is truth over what is a lie? Some would like to make the decision for us and except whatever it is they decide is truth. However, as human beings if that’s what we still are can use are God given brains to think through information and put information to the test through thoughtful cross-analysis.

Of course people wanting to control you and your behavior would not want you doing something crazy like thinking for yourself, asking questions, or have you make or share meaningful observations. But despite the potential onslaught to restrict truth it seems to be able to endure successfully in ways ultimately lies can not. Eventually lies fall flat into nothingness when the light of the Truth exposes its vile intrusion on humanity. Lies no matter how innocent they may appear to be eventually causes more harm than good in any given situation. Indeed, what can be quantified logically is that Truth can sustain the test of even time. What we ought to remember as well is that Truth always comes out on top and seems to always prevail even if attempts are made to destroy it.

Telling the truth may not always be the easy path to take but when it is upheld at the end the honest truth leads to more constructive positive results. Always.

One sure way of truthful discovery is knowing how Truth is a firm reality that can withstand any and all attempts of deconstructing it. With Lies not so much. Lies are weak fragile threads that when put to the test of examination fails every single time. So what then can happen when Truth is exposed against a once fortified Lie that ultimately crumbles at the feet of Truth is that it gives way to streams of victory that eventually overtake the Lies leading to the opportunity for pleasurable restoration.

Hence hopefully in the generations to come upon this beautiful God green earth it is a living hope that societies worldwide embrace the Honest Truth over the promotion of Deceiving Lies that lead to nothing but pain, destruction, and ultimately disastrous outcomes.

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