The Keys To Having A Productive Week

It’s the beginning of a brand new week that offers a fresh new outlook in hopefully experiencing productive outcomes that are strategically more favorable compared to the previous week. With that said, now is the time that we can gain the reigns of any lingering dysfunction and step into a week filled with golden opportunities to thrive and grow. No matter how glorious or unpleasant our daily experiences are it allows us to learn valuable life lessons. We can succeed as the best version of ourselves if we are willing to take a good hard look at our mistakes or misguided perceptions. This self-reflective process of discerning deceptive narratives, rejecting negative self-talk, and unhealthy behaviors offer an opportunity for us to overcome our failings. that are doing more harm than good for ourselves and the well-being of others.

Therefore today seems like a good day to reflect on the Keys to having an A Productive Week. In actuality, each day of the week provides opportunities for us to reflect and make necessary adjustments to succeed in our tasks. And there is no better time than right here right now.

FYI This is unclassified Information that is free of Charge for all those interested in learning more about these “KEYS.”

First Key– Is putting the One True God of all life seen and unseen 1st above all other gods, activities, and persons. This unseen reality of a power greater than we are is in complete control, yet actively present, and a part of our earthly experiences can offer comfort when situations are literally out of our realm of control. Putting our Creator first is the first stage of recovery from selfish Pride. Being endowed with free will to use our God-given liberties to humbly serve in love as we seek to increase the occurrence of fair meaningful mutual exchanges in the physical communities in which we abide or the digital spaces we may occupy.

Second Key-Take a deep breath seems like a simple casual sarcastic statement to make. Yet, it is scientifically proven that taking slow deep breaths and exhaling our oxygen intake is beneficial to our health. Overall, breathing deeply and slowly exhaling assists in brain function, helps calm anxiety, relieves side effects of stress-related events.

How Breathing Calms Your Brain, And Other Science-Based Benefits of Controlled Breathing

Third Key-Maintain Situational Awareness being aware of your surrounding is highly important in adapting to any given situation. There are many angles we can dive into as far as explaining situational awareness. But we shall focus on having a productive week by staying alert of the behavior of others and that of yourself. Mastering the art of observation, pro-active listening skills, and critical analysis of information can help maintain this state of daily situational awareness. Being able to exam information from various perspectives evaluating opposing views enables us as individuals to think critically. At best, we can exercise our God-given freedom of thought to make proper good decisions that not only help us but positively benefit the lives of others as well.

We, therefore, can avoid the pitfalls as a result of being blind to the reality that can lead us to just that, pits and falls! It can be assumed we much rather avoid these mishaps unless some enjoy being manipulated. However, it can be assumed indeed most people do not like being mistreated and harmed. And if that is the case that we rather be safely aware we can proceed by embracing the undeniable truth as it reveals itself. the good news is that our transition to a positive path forward is a lightened path that can’t be darkened no matter the attempts to destroy our human function of being freely and naturally aware of our surroundings.

Of course a heightened upgrade to situational awareness is developing spiritual intelligence that gives rise to spiritual awareness that sees past the network of human action and recognizes a spiritual inner core of our human functionality as the root cause of any given behavior. When we see past the veil of this physical realm and realize that we are both created physical beings filled with unseen invisible souls we can hopefully create a better world lovingly rendering better results for ourselves especially, when we stop seeing people as mere dollar signs for profit. We then can be aware in our daily observations with the ability to pair into souls that daily bear fruitful actions that can separate us as either rotten wicked tares or useful bushels of wheat in this world.

Well, there are some ‘Motivational Keys’ we can reflect upon hope you find these tips helpful and useful. Of Course, there are more tips and tricks that can be added to this list but for now, we can if we want to, take the bull by the horns and just tackle this week in both spirit and in truth, peacefully together. All aboard!

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on these 3 highlighted keys of revival.

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