A Lost Cause Becomes a Rallying Cry

I See You Naked

In the dark night of despair I saw you standing there naked and exposed and when your eyes met mine Your body melted away in a pool of lies…How sad….or is it?


The art of ecstasy grants to those with access to the Truth…Joy

Beyond the Brutal Bruise

Beyond our brutal bruise of lies exist the ferry of deception that leads to our discovery of the notion of respect in the inner embeds of love fueled rants of discourse. We want answers and we want answers, now! How sullen and broken have we become? Yet, equally demanding in our pain. However, in the gloom of our despair we hope for a better day and the more glorious future. Many may ask…Can we overcome this foul brutal bruise? For indeed the answer exists in the question itself, ‘we overcome.’ There is a Living Hope we can and we shall reach our land of promise. So in the mean time…Let our Prayers ring on!

Peaceful Musings

Shine your light of discourse upon me like sweet rain when I hear your voice I’ll smile in knowing your love of liberty.

To Play or Not to Play?

There are some who want to play and others that do not. Why?

Team Work Makes Beam Work

Beaming stars glisten in the evening until the bright morning sun enters in for another new day. Seeing your beauty remains me of the time I told myself that Gods mercy is enough. Thank you.

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