Poetry Pot For the Camp Crew Outside of London

Evermore Gracious

Yes, we are evermore gracious looking past our faults in order to enter a new time of enduring freedom.

How Long will this take?

As long as taking is baking. Stay Tuned!

Blues Clues Gone Rogue

Please return the diamonds! Now! You took them and we want them back!

Cross Country Trip To Spark Huts

There was so much rain droplets in the summer time that I couldn’t keep up with the drops so I grabbed an umbrella to watch the rain God was suddenly pouring down…Then before my very eyes I witnessed vindication dancing in the downpour. What a sight to behold indeed.

Close Contact

We shared close contact like that of vivid dream. Before I could even awaken you were there listening to my heart. How sweet…

Don’t Doubt The Drought

Don’t doubt the drought with me or them…Living Waters can come from dry places…

Take a moment and think about where you are and how that manages life…Do you understand the play? Do you get your role?

Keep me on the outside as I plop and play on inside

Let’s be the positive change we want to see together. You up for it?

Riding Steady

Moments in time eclipse your thoughtfulness

Off course we travel in the breaking of the day so we can catch the cross country confidants

Before long we venture on cruise control with the pilot being God while we feast on take out…Winnnning!

Thrust on the forefront of delight we take refuge in the vast power of unity until we find our rest in victory.

Watchmen pile in towns alike as those courageous souls do meet their fate as they graze upon the field with fortitude.

A Pokers Poker Hand

Always assume you have a winning hand before you take a fold. BUT if you have a A winning full royal Flush GO FOR IT!!! It being, the pot.

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