Behind-The-Scenes Process For Poetry

Inspirational Surroundings Abound In The Endless Territory of Imagination…

The cool guys pass by wearing dark colored glasses. I see them looking around for what I don’t know. However what I do know is they look creepy. So then right there I begin to write down my song. Who knew that a group of creepy mysterious looking guys wearing dark colored glasses could be so inspiring?!? Winning!

The Thing

Now yesterday we got this thing that new a thing about it until this thing got a quick look before it was shutdown.So that’s that –Evasive

Love & Pancakes

Can’t get enough of your love. I see you always looking at me but I don’t speak before you do and when you do you always take my breathe away…

Ketchup V Comeback

Sings-Gone till November…As we glide towards the sweet scent of victory… Happy day tunes commence. Stay Tuned!

Seasonal Drip Drop

In a seasonal drip drop got me thinking about the day you told the whole world your story but no one believed you. Until Now.

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