How To Survive The Lions Den

The light slowly faded away as they were thrust into darkness…

It wasn’t long before they heard the roar of the lions round about them.

Thick protruding fangs revealed the sharp white teeth of every lion through the thick pitch-black darkness that surround them.

Gradually, the moment of trial emerges from the midst of the terror.

The teeth of the lion could bite at any moment!

Each lion looked right back at its potential prey with subjective confidence.

Fear sparks its ugly head in the heart of the faithless there.

Yet, in the soul of the faith-filled remnant, their brave mouths cried to their creator and spoke, peace be still…As beyond their own strength or ability, an angel of God appeared to move quickly across the lions…

Suddenly, the lion’s mouths were closed shut whelping away back into the darkness in which they came.

Now we know how the story ends humanity is rescued from the mouth of the lion’s den by a Sovereign Creator.

Suddenly, a swift mighty wind entered our dark dreadful cave. The lion’s mouths have been shut closed. No more food for them shall we become!

The Moral of the Story: The Most-High Creator of all life of that which is seen and unseen is able to rescue each generation from the mouth of all the lingering Lions that seek to devour his creation. Believe it or Not.

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