Special Delivery 2021 to 2022: Recap & Rebuttal

Woe what a year! 2020 showcased some unprecedented yet equally bizarre occurrences yet nonetheless, here we are at the end! Finally, we are at the conclusion of one civil Georgian calendar year ready to embark and launch into a brand new year! Of course, some are more hopeful than others that humanity will successfully recover from what seems to be a two-year global campaign of unimaginable transformation or alteration of our daily living or lifestyles. Indeed, despite all the darkness a luminous spark of hope still lingers in the hearts of people that live by faith. With prayerful humble submission to the will of God, there are those that with great expectation are now historical witnesses to this great worldwide shaking as we await for much-needed relief that only the Good Lord Almighty can mercifully provide.

However, as a content exhibitor of this site I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to all casual scrollers, readers, subscribers, and those who hate this content a big thank you! Thank you so much for giving your time to come to this site and offer all the various levels of engagement possible. Thank you to those who especially take the time to like and/or comment on material which is greatly appreciated.

Going into 2022 hopefully, you’ll stay along for the ride as we’ll be kicking off with more amazing thought-provoking content in the weeks and year ahead that hopefully includes some major exciting announcements too! So make sure if you are not already a follower or subscriber via email or on FB(for now) that you get your exclusive v.i.p access free of charge to stay connected because we hope that this next season will be our mutual launchpad together towards great things to come!

Also, please note Manilla Villa ™ has changed its official site address from manillavilla.wordpress.com to mvilla.live

Thanks again to all and hope you have a safe Holiday this New Year’s Eve and Day!

And for all those prayer warriors out there worldwide keep praying and don’t lose heart! Keep hope alive people. One day at a time. Godspeed and Shalom!

Cheers to resetting Time! Yah Bless hahahaha

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