When Scars Are Healed By Love

Inner scars can be unseen but can remain as painful reminders of the past. However, love has the power to heal these internal wounds and personal conflict that resides inside our souls. This can be done by seeking the face of the Almighty God and being open to receiving great love for us. If one chooses to seek God and be open to the great love He has for them, life can become a lot less painful and much more worth living. God is the ultimate healer of our souls and if we are honest with ourselves and come to God, He can take away our inner scars and help us to become better human beings renewed in His image.

We can also experience the love of God through people sent into our lives. The most valuable act of love is the love of God expressed through the person who is sent into our lives to love us. This person can be a friend, a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a child, etc. The love of God expressed through another human being is also healing and can help us to heal the internal scars of our past.

Indeed, we don’t have to be bound by the painful memories that may exist from our past. we can create a new future by choosing to love again. The risk is worth it. We can learn more about ourselves when we can experience the healing power of love. We can learn more about the great love of God when we allow people into our lives who are willing to express this great love. We can also learn about the great love of God when we seek Him in prayer and spend time in His presence. This can help us to understand more about Him and can help us to be better human beings who model great love to others.

By loving others as well we can become exceptional human beings and participate in a phenomenal opportunity to change our world. We can become better human beings by expressing great love to others. This can be done by showing kindness to others and by choosing to do so even in difficult circumstances. The more we love the more we become like our loving Heavenly Father. We can become better human beings by loving others who are different from us too or those who may have different beliefs than we do. This is a form of compassionate outreach and is one way we can become better human beings in God’s image that will lovingly magnify his powerful glory upon the earth.

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[Love Series Part 3 of 3]

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