The Cost of Freedom is High

…BUT freedom is worth keeping, in the end, we see the light of truth shining into our hearts beaming in our souls liberating us from bondage.

Indeed true freedom is reached in Jesus Christ who makes us free from sin and death. Believe it or not, Indeed, we can experience eternal victory in what seems like defeat in this life.

Many around the world are clinging to faith and freedom while deeply depending on the light of truth and justice to carry them as we wait on our heavenly father to release his merciful vindication upon the earth. In prayer, we find the strength to keep going. Our case is for future generations of human beings so they will be able to thrive and grow upon the earth with the ability to live freely and in truth. It is a hope for some that God’s glory will fill the entire earth from sea to shining sea. Until then we press on with the mission of keeping freedom lingering in our beings on our feet and in prayer for all.

Historical Reflections 2022

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