The Devastating Impact of Fascism

Will the world come to a conclusion with a boom or a cry, as playwright T.S. Eliot implies? Polish-American poet, Czeslaw Milosz envisioned the conclusion of the world to be just like another day. Perhaps those preoccupied with scrolling through TikTok feeds, attending insider parties, or inquiring about the next celebrity break-up will ignore the signs of totalitarianism on the rise in their own backyard. More likely the end of days will harken to the seductive call of a supermodern multiethnic-transhumanistic surveillance state. We’ll be as American as Wall Street, along with official lunch get-togethers, massive debt, and homemade apple pie.

Yet, The wolf in sheep’s clothing slowly whispers sweet nothings. Fascism with a smile. We’ll call it bewitching totalitarianism as a caution against its rich outside, intelligent control, and red velvet gloves.

The concern arises for humanity when we forget—or never learn—that Big Business-Big Government alliances, backed up by other aspects, were the primary reality underpinning old fascism’s power structures in the days of Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin. Now more than ever we ought to be on high alert in safeguarding the essence of our humanity and what it means to live with the ability to enjoy our God-given freedoms against collaborative merchant warfare, especially against innocent people that can be unfairly caught in the crossfire of coordinated agenda goals. It’s Disturbing.

This raises an important question. Will America continue to exist as a shadow of its former God-fearing liberty-loving self?

God forbid!

Roll Call for Freedom Lovers-Watch & Pray ☑️

Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it.”

-Hannah Arendhe Orgins of Totaliterianism

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