The Art of Doubling Up on Freedom

$ Five Point Wonder Wall $ Against Disscent

  • In today’s world, political power should also be assessed in terms of media power.
  • What is less well known is the relationship between media power, the lack of truth, and freedom of speech.
  • These controlled Media institution’s messaging is that everything is great as long as the status quo exists and no one dare speak against it.
  • We are constantly taught in America that we have freedom of speech, and it is true. However, freedom of expression is under assault in such an aggressive manner the likes of which the country of the United States has never experienced before.
  • Mainstream Media and Big-Tech Social media platforms have become gatekeepers of the official State Narrative. Hence, anyone who asks questions or challenges these fixed preferred hypocritical narratives are met with swift cancellation. Therefore, silencing opposing views of any free speech that is considered dissent has disturbingly become the new normal.

This type of fascist strong-arm tactics is nefarious and Un-American. Sadly what we are living through now is the reality that the once-attractiveness of the United States of America as a beacon of liberty is waning. Despite the continual assault on our God-given right to speak, legal U.S. residents are still legally entitled to openly express their ideas which may include respectfully criticizing their government’s conduct that is protected by the United States constitution. Nonetheless, there seems to be an active campaign by certain individuals or entities that try to persuade people to believe that expressing public observations and asking questions is a demonstration of betrayal of one’s country. As a result, some spread the mistaken idea that just expressing one’s dissatisfied opinion or dissenting viewpoint is somehow traitorous, or at the least, deserving of prison time which is beyond ridiculous.

It seems now our free speech rights have become ethically warped in that we passively conform to the fact that some are given certain protected privileges to speak while others are suppressed and are not. We ought not to let this happen. We are on a dangerous course if we relent on protecting our freedoms, especially our freedom of speech.

However, we are living through a time in history where the Constitution of the United States is being violated in ways the country has not experienced before. The world seems to be also experiencing this growing thirst for freedom and a deep desire for liberation from excessive oppression.

The good news is ‘We the people’ are rising up demanding our God-given rights to be respected. People want to know the Truth and desire equal justice. The hope of many is that humanity is not destroyed off the face of the earth but rises in faith to a new day where generations live free and independent from cruel controlling tyrants that are relentless in their secret schemes to hurt humanity for their own gain rather than strive to help humanity thrive and grow.

Thankfully there are those still impassioned by the concept of All Americans being able to get their voice back by allowing freedom of speech to flourish again. Hopefully, this passion for truth will continually extend to the World too. There is a hope that ‘we the people’ will be able to freely exchange our ideas and not just political views, and for independent investigative journalists to be able to disperse their content as well. We shall see. At best, many people are understanding now more than ever before that a new day and way is indeed coming to fruition right before our very eyes. Watch & Pray.

TMTG CEO Devin Nunes joins John Solomon and Amanda Head to provide an update on Truth Social’s methodical yet gradual rollout and the remarkable engagement users are experiencing in contrast to Truth Social’s Big Tech competitors.

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