Oscars Side Show Offers An Action, Packed Smack to Remember

The Oscar Academy Awards have degenerated into a total mess. Fashion, wise there was only one gown that stunningly looked good: Lupe Nyong’o’s golden gown. Although Jada Pinkett-Smith’s enormous lettuce leaf gown was criticized, at least she didn’t have exposed butt cheeks protruding. Will Smith striking Chris Rock, reminiscent of when Kanye West storming the stage, extravagant yet ridiculous designed costumes, Botox faces — it all points to a declining industry. The modern-day disinterest in the Oscars can be seen in television ratings, which reflect how many people watched this year’s Oscars. Bottom Line: Don’t hold your breath for them to change their ways or their attempts to shove this award ceremony in our faces every year.

This year indeed the Oscars offered an action, packed smack side-show event for all to remember.

It was obvious that something had to be done to rekindle interest in the Oscars. So we conveniently now have this showcase of rage for the record in tweets, reports, to excessively mull over that reveals how Will Smith Smacks Chris Rock over a joke about his wife’s Jada Picket Smith, shaved head.

What can be said as well is that Will Smith’s later award acceptance for best actor was completely overshadowed by his previous seemingly aggressive action in the midst of the questionable yet rare occasion that an African American Actor actually wins the Best Actor Oscar award.

Ideally, Will Smith’s actions were either planned or spontaneously produced, leaving the rest of the public to speculate. That is open to interpretation, but Smith’s actions have sparked a firestorm of criticism among the dwindling number of people who still care about the Oscars. Even so, shouldn’t acts of violence be condemned by those constantly, yet seemingly hyprocrtically lecture the public about how to properly live our lives?

OVERall with all that is going on in the world from candid talks about WWIII, food shortages, elevation in fuel prices, excessive record-high inflation, the decline in the quality of living worldwide, questionable election integrity issues, seemingly unethical conduct by the media or politicians places this sensationalized side-show event at the bottom of importance really.

– 2 cents Rant

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