Seeking Aleph-Bet

Seek Aleph-Bet one short prayer at a time.

Again the quest is on to take back what was stolen. How sweet. Isn’t it great to finally receive back what has been unjustly taken that you thought was lost forever? what a relief it is for one’s grieving soul to miraculously take possession of what was once deemed lost. Even today we can affectionately look at truth in the eyes and smile. Vindication is gloriously appreciated but so is love. Finally, we can move forward in a positive productive direction instead of being drenched in shame and dysfunction.

Looking beyond the veil looking past the fault intended we see the day the good Lord has designed. Can you see it?

Seeking the alef-bet in daily living is a quest fulfilled in love, pure love. Again we the people can see the truth and we can get to where we are going in love as informed beings ready to take back what was stolen as we peacefully demand equal justice. As we live we embark on a mutual beneficial cause that includes sharing and resetting humanity to recognize that we are the creations of a Creator that is in sovereignty in control over what happens in this world and to our own liv3s.

We can then rest in noble action to be the light and salt of the earth to bring love and protection to the innocent and vulnerable to live free from the crippling chains of oppression. We pray for our oppressors and against their foul behavior our persecutors. We pray for their souls and hand them over to their Creator for ultimate Judgement. We also prayerfully ask these aggressors to stop being unkind to people and to humanity. We humbly ask by the mercy of the good lord that we are set free and there is a turning away from tyranny to a path that is just.

Yes, we have the option of being a purposeful gateway to the truth or an advocate of deception. It is a living hope that we will overcome our uncertainties and embrace a life free and independent of the alluring control of totalitarianism in all of its brutal manifestations of forced implantation.

Many people desire peace and not war. Perhaps this generation or even the next will experience what it is like to live in a world free from blood lust as means of dominating others and creating pain for gain. At best there is nothing wrong with keeping the dream of universal harmony alive. As it is put teamwork makes the dream work. The path won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Stay strong and keep praying. The Best is yet to come for those who live by faith. Shalom.

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