Site Construction Is Underway…Stay Tuned

Hello, there fellow readers, writers, bloggers, haters, and/or causal scrollers. Just giving an update on the site’s continued construction if you see some off-putting placement at any given time it is because this site is being redesigned and hopefully optimized.

Thanks again to those who continue to follow this site and encourage new viewers to look around at the content available here.

Establishing Manilla Villa™ has been a long journey of ups and downs but thankful for this outlet and the opportunity to share artistic pieces and hopefully a meaningful collection of helpful thought-provoking content too.

The focus of the site is that of Arts & Humanities. It is a hope that through creative expression we can develop powerful innovative ideas that can transform our world for the better, together.

Hence, hope you enjoy the content here and continue to return for more. Subscribe today to stay updated on new posts.

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Blessings, NomiSLove

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