Netflix Starts a Dream Team Rather Than a Woke Family Model?

The Netflix Culture memo contains a new section called “Artistic Expression,” which states that the streamer will not “block certain artists or voices” even if staff deem the content “harmful,” according to multiple reports.

This seems like a big win for the creative promotion in regards to artistic diversity. But time will only tell if this public announcement and internal change in Netflix’s business standards are enough to improve the quality of its once robust vibrancy.

Of course, as it is often put Money talks and the Netflix plummeting Stock was speaking while Netflix got stunned and knocked off its high horse.

Netflix ought to cover more viewpoints than just the extreme left, one hopes. So far, Netflix’s paradigm of using storytelling as an overt tool to persuade people culturally to adopt their own set of societal beliefs has sprouted into a strategic bubble that has proven to be an unprofitable and unfavorable bubble into which a previously thriving corporation has placed itself and seems to have resulted in its decline. The consumers, who pay for it, rather than Netflix’s exclusive league of activist professionals, can choose good creative choices when it comes to the visual arts.

“All art is propaganda,” as the saying goes. As a result, art in the form of shows or films, in particular, have the dynamic power to communicate a message to the general population. It’s no wonder those who desperately seek to persuade the public to accept their ideologies and cultural worldview would seize on the opportunity to use the arts to convey those messages. Consequently, Art is also, therefore, a necessary artistic vehicle for the freedom of expression. 

However, offering a restricted representation of beliefs in performances or films creates a less robust quality platform and dilutes diversity and the nature of artistic expression. When excessive censoring of viewpoints and opinions becomes frequent, entertaining content might generate negative non- profitable results. As a result, greater diversity of thinking when it comes to creating presentations can help to improve the visual renderings of stories and most likely earnings.

Nurturing a streaming environment that allows for artistic expression without communist-style censorship and restrictive artistic expression can present any streaming service with a profitable opportunity to grow artistically and gain favor among its viewers.

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