Up & Down & Up Again

Seems like a real outlook then again is it?

Up & Down & Up Again

Delete the negative thought and concentrate on the positive.

I’m Not Alone

Oh, it's my favorite band!
It's one of those things
that I never really knew about 
But it was you I wrote this artisitc song about

I'm not alone
No, it's not so easy to write
It's not even close
I'd like to find...
A song that is not mine alone
So I'll hold your hand and apologize (oh let me tell you)
And if it keeps you upside down
I'll write it off for a while
And we'll write a new song
And I'll write it again...
And you'll know, it's a little different now
But I hope you love it!
We hope for better as our souls cry out for God.
I'll be gentle with the Truth, so lets Love in motion all day long.
I'll write on top of everything and you'll know its true.
So lets take a trip and go up, down, and up again.

Photo by Avery Nielsen-Webb on Pexels.com

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