Author: NomiSLove

NomiSLove is a creative composer who hopes to inspire the hearts and minds of others to enjoy the art of writing & informational commentary. With her motivational and communicative pieces, she passionately shares thought-provoking compelling content for all to enjoy.

Thriving Throws

What does it take to survive? Many have offered suggestions, but there is only one choice to chase in this life in order to have a fulling existence.The choice is to live to survive or live to thrive. Living life to survive is an heroic venture to pursue, yet not without its treacherous challenges. One is left with the task of defending oneself indefinitely against fierce frightful attacks many sinister in nature. Clinching with all effort to conquer adversity barely making the cut towards a safe healthy existence. The soul gradually becomes weak and fragile to the wounds of this warfare.Clinging to that hope that one can infact slay the demon within their consciousness in desperation to expel self-doubt an undertaking that becomes futile. In the tangle of unrelenting combat one is left in survival mode consistently barely making the mundane tasks of daily living. Just getting by each day is like a burdensome weight in one’s quest towards survival with life’s challenging circumstances remaining persistent and ever present.

The only other alternative is to switch to surviving mode and embrace a thriving existence that does not rely on your own strength to maintain stability. In fact it will be the lack of any visible strength that one is able to thrive in life.This is do to the fact that in order to thrive you must first reject your ability to survive. It is throwing away any ability to survive that thriving is now an aspiration that can not be dimmed by self doubt or a belief of one’s inability to succeed.Success can only be maintained by making a clear choice to thrive in life not just merely survive it. Traveling through life’s challenging circumstances with a positive attitude and confident outlook on situations will unlock the keys to living a rewarding life. Bottom line is if  you want to live a fully productive lifestyle make a choice to thrive within life not just merely survive it.

Written by: Naomi Burrell 10/28/14

Swallowed Whole

The ocean is deep and so are many problems that sink into the soul with the ability to create such extreme agony even breathing becomes a painstaking choir. So why then the misery, sorrow, the suffering? That question no one can answer with true clarity. Perhaps suffering is beyond human understanding, beyond our known reality or limited intellect to grasp. The only justice is the substance we create for ourselves as we travel through space and time with hope. Hope of a better future, a brighter day. Hope carries us in times of despair and doubt. To live in hopelessness is to lose the passion to live and keep on living. For without hope we lose ourselves and our will to the depths of the abyss of misery.So with causious persuation the only other option is to bask in the ocean that surrounds us. Delight in being swallowed up into the unknown entrapments of daily living. To live in full knowledge of our lack of control, which may relieve our desire to control what is indeed uncontrollable. Yet, our collective experiences shape who we are as a human species as a hand adjusts to fit a glove. The true value of what we derive from life experiences and our responses to them can either mold who we are for the better or for the worst. The bottom linen is that allowing ourselves to be swallowed up in the deep ocean might not be so bad after all. Perhaps letting go is all thats needed to know when you’re in over your head anyway.

Written by: Naomi Burrell 10/11/14

Thrust In Motion

It is a proven fact that if you resist action the only other logical result to such a behavior is stagnation or stillness in motion. With that known relevant status of reality the main thing in life is to be truly movable and be in motion towards action. In a sense to be in motion is the only way to really be alive and that is to be doing something. In reference to stillness self reflection that in and of itself useful towards intimate mediation yet indeed still motion even though it is in stillness motion occurs. The truth is that energy the very pool of existence is summed up by two relevant aspects, positive and and negative reactions. It is the negative energy that causes the unknown recipient harm. The pool of doubt, shame, and despair can lead someone into the grips of misery. An alternative to the force of darkness and negativity is the shining light of positive energy. When positive energy is allowed into your inner being with the counter conscious rejection of negative energy one can become free to expand and react effectively in their Life’s purpose. Bottom line negative thoughts and or comments from outside infiltration only create a negative life. Positive thoughts is genuinely creative and productive in nature and has the ability to unlock potential. So embrace positive thoughts and positive energy to obtain a more fulfilling life. Never give up! You can reach your goals and dreams.

Written By: NovoNay© 10/6/14