#SwiftFicFriday-Week 33 Prompt

Cabin Fever!

After a long hard day of work both owner and builder sat together under the stars. A camp fire crackled while they laughed and chatted together under the moon.

“You Don’t get it do you? That there timber behind ya now that tree is all rotted out and we can’t use it to build nothing.Too bad. Actually, it could just fall on ya now but don’t worry it won’t. You got the upper hand on that one. Not long for it though, its leaning.”

Shaking his head the owner looked at the tall tree and shouted, “Timberrr!”

The builder nodded as the owner smiled at his sarcasm.“Now if you want more Timber your going to have to get it yourself!”

“Hey,wait.(chuckling). Well, I actually was already planning to cut that one down behind me and use it for some fire wood.

Laughing the builder smiled cheerfully, “Good Idea!”

“Consider it done.”

“Oh. Ahh…Okay…so…Business wise. You still want me to build the…cabin for you?”

“Yes, actually but not with simple timber wood. I only want the purest wood, the finest cedar, and the most beautiful acacia woodwork available for the floors.”

The builder gave a side of relief. Excitement filled his heart to finally have a chance to build something so grand and of the best quality. Even though gathering the materials would be challenging the vision that enveloped the builders mind overshadowed the thoughts of difficulties in creating such a luxurious cabin.

Peacefully smiling the owner questioned, “Now, then we have quite the job on our hands.Don’t we?”

“Yes, literally we do.” The builder jovially replied.


Cabin Fever! Fiction Trials: Trials and Tribulations of Writing Fiction

Windows To The Soul-Making Eye Contact For the First Time

He appears as a handsome rugged muse. She looks like a beautiful rose.

Even in their distance apart he couldn’t help but smile and glimpse at her beauty. In his pleasurable gaze he casually waits for her eyes to meet his.

His heart slowly wonders within… Is she attracted to me too?

Suddenly as though embracing a long anticipated gift his heart pumps stronger as her captivating eyes connect with his.

Their eyes finally connect.

What feels like an hour long glance only lasts a few seconds in reality for him. Time itself seems to have stopped for this incredible moment of intrigue.

In that still moment of attraction their wanting eyes reach their final task of observance as a powerful sensational energy surges through  both of them.

Suddenly in that blissful moment of mutual attraction she feels as though his eyes have traveled into the depths of her soul. Perhaps they have…