The Love Experiment: Live

This is a video post in commemoration to the month of February, some refer to as the month of LOVE. This Video entitled, THE IMPOSSIBLE RICE EXPERIMENT’ demonstrates the phenomenal impact of Love.

Love indeed holds within itself a wealth harmonious attributes as it vibrates out into the world in the most extraordinary ways, particularly from the depths of our own consciousness….

So What does Love Hold? It seems all that is beautifully sustainable.

Eww..HATE Sucks Looks Disgusting. Hate is so destructive all it breeds is filth and chaos. Figures.

IGNORING is cruel not too far behind Hate. Yikes!

Well Looks Like LOVE wins! Then Again doesn’t it always?


Just Goes to Show you how transformative our THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, and BELIEFS are. Certainly, these creative elements play out in our experience in various arrangements within our physical world from the unseen to seen with pleasantly positive or gruesomely negative results indeed.

Balance|Poetry Pot I

Spoken Word Poetry with Film Video Arrangement

Above is a spoken word poetry video with a theme about balance. This video is now live on the Manilla Villa YouTube Channel and listed on the Poetry Pot Playlist so feel free to check it out and definitely Subscribe to stay notified of new content posted.

Yah Bless!

Singin’ In The Rain

Singin’ In The Rain – Singin’ In The Rain performed by Gene Kelly Wednezday Dance Review travels back to an iconic classic dance known as “Singin’ in The Rain” dance number performed by Gene Kelly. The song ‘Singin’ In the Rain’ presents a classic upbeat tune with an equally charismatic dance performance by the screen […]