Suffering Silence Victoriously

What muse has altered your view of destiny?

In the dark of night, tyranny is set on perfect until it isn't.

When the winter comes while storms brew, where is that river of solitude that you run to?

In misery, we take our culture into ruin as love remains its overriding battle cry.

Thank God for Love!

Curves & Humps

“You don’t have to say ridiculous things twice, Holling. Once is more than enough.”

― Gary D. Schmidt, The Wednesday Wars

The Questionable Dreamer

Do You

Do you think that after the rain falls we can get together sometime?



It feels right until it doesn’t. Right?

Cross Curves

In the stiff curve round about way towards a grim gruesome turn hope steadily arises in the heart of the cold courageous wanderers.

Weeping souls cross a crises looking up offering over their pain in prayer. Then they wait for their vindication.

Can you sense a change in the air?


Why wait to bust a move?

Behind-The-Scenes Process For Poetry

Inspirational Surroundings Abound In The Endless Territory of Imagination…

The cool guys pass by wearing dark colored glasses. I see them looking around for what I don’t know. However what I do know is they look creepy. So then right there I begin to write down my song. Who knew that a group of creepy mysterious looking guys wearing dark colored glasses could be so inspiring?!? Winning!

The Thing

Now yesterday we got this thing that new a thing about it until this thing got a quick look before it was shutdown.So that’s that –Evasive

Love & Pancakes

Can’t get enough of your love. I see you always looking at me but I don’t speak before you do and when you do you always take my breathe away…

Ketchup V Comeback

Sings-Gone till November…As we glide towards the sweet scent of victory… Happy day tunes commence. Stay Tuned!

Seasonal Drip Drop

In a seasonal drip drop got me thinking about the day you told the whole world your story but no one believed you. Until Now.