The Face of Things

Facts matter and so does ART

Every moment is a great time to reflect on the past lessons, and present futuristic dream seeds.

Most of the time we can spend our lives searching for fulfillment only to discover that we were looking in the wrong places…

In reflection of the face of things at times, this may include interactions with others and encountering various viewpoints we may disagree with. Often it is our egos or pride that can get in the way of us being able to listen to opposing opinions and we can end up aggressively yet passionately seeking to persuade someone else to our position or we can provoke increased hostilities BY NOT listening enough. Hence, it seems that when we emotionally attach ourselves to a set of beliefs we feel connected to and passionate about it may be more difficult to remain calm when listening to opposing opinions and views. However, if we are able to overcome our aroused emotional state intelligently we can foster meaningful and healthy conversations with others in peace. So how can we remain open and emotional temperate to other opinions and viewpoints?

We’ll almost certainly meet folks with whom we disagree or don’t get along. Instead of burying our heels in even more to defend our own ideas and convictions, it’s best to listen to what they have to say. This will take practice but is worth the effort. Listen carefully and try to comprehend what others are saying. Spend less time defending your position and more time learning about the other person and their viewpoints. In summary, seek to understand rather than to be understood within this phase of the interactive conversation before you give your response. Become an active listener. Try to refrain from thinking of counterarguments while someone is talking or thinking of the next responsive comment. Empty your mind and consume yourself with the words being expressed by someone else.

Bottom line As much as you would like someone to agree with your position and accept your beliefs the same way you do resist the need to want to aggressively persuade them. We ought to resist attempts to control others. Recognize that a person has the right to accept or reject a belief and we must also accept that we may not have all the expert answers for everything either. Even if you are right and disagree with someone, you don’t have to tell them what to do or give them advice. While it’s admirable to be helpful, don’t be overbearing. Know when it’s better to agree to disagree. And that’s okay.

In modern times especially on social media, the thirst by some individuals to control others and persuade others on how they ought to think is real. But humanity is at its best when we forfeit our pride and the need to be right, we then can allow room for open discourse and the exchange of ideas. Sharing non-criminal ideas and viewpoints help humanity stay informed and reach beneficial solutions to complex problems. Hopefully, we can transcend our School Yard approach to conversing with others and actually be able to communicate in a healthy manner.

It’s sad we are living through times where there is so much division over disagreements that people are being polarized and divided just because they disagree on certain issues. As a result, massive censorship of free speech is taking place. And For some, these are make-or-break issues. However, it is a living hope we the people do more than break communication but repair it one meaningful conversation at a time.

The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie–deliberate, contrived and dishonest–but the myth–persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.

 –John F. Kennedy

How to Forgive, Heal, and Love Yourself

It is time for you to heal by forgiving. Forgive yourself for the wrongs you have done and forgive everyone else for what they have done to you. By forgiving, you release negative energy from your life and you find peace. It may not be easy at first, but by practicing and learning to forgive, you will see that it is the right thing to do. You will feel much better and you will have a happier life. You will begin to heal your body and mind and be able to move on with your life in a healthy manner.

You will only suffer more as a result of the worry, and grief you are harboring. It’s as though you’re trapped in a never-ending circle of sorrow. Constantly recalling the offense(s) might force one to relive traumatic experiences, causing one to suffer again and again. As a result, practicing forgiveness is highly recommended in order to break the cycle. This is not a technique that condones destructive behavior, but it can help you avoid unnecessary pain and suffering. The more forgiveness you can muster, the better you will feel and the better your life will be. You will be able to move on with your life and will find peace.

Forgiveness heals by renewing you, and if you think about it, forgiveness is the same thing as renewal. It is a way to start over and to create a new beginning. It is a way to let go of the past and to be free. It is a way to forgive and be forgiven. It is a way to heal yourself. You will be able to find happiness and joy in your life once you have forgiven. The past will no longer have the ability to control your emotions and your life. You will be free to live in the present and to experience the future. Hence, when you forgive, you are renewed to the point of being more loving, more compassionate, more understanding, and more forgiving in your life.

Forgiveness is needed because when you are holding on to anger and resentment you are not healing. You are harming yourself, and even others who have not hurt you. If you can forgive others for their transgressions against you, you will find the healing you need to heal your own life.

Spiritually, as a follower of Christ (believe it or not), the heavenly Creator, also known as God or YHWH by others, offers forgiveness via his anointed son Jesus Christ, who forgives us for our numerous transgressions, and we, in turn, should forgive others for their transgressions against us. When we leave our sins in our Lord’s heavenly throne room, we can get healing. According to the Bible, “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord, and I will repay.” Some may refer to this as Karma is a popularized term used by some to describe actions of universal retribution. However, the judgment of actions is described clearly in the sacred scriptures as sowing(deeds) and reaping(Consequences). As a result, allow the Most-High God to be the judge in either case and leave any acts of revenge to him. Trust that Yahweh (G-d) has a plan for us. It is his desire for us to live in harmony with one another. Allow God to return you to a place of peace instead of allowing your past to consume you. Rest assured that Yahweh is the one who heals all wounds. He is the one who gives peace that surpasses comprehension and joy that is unfathomable and full of splendor. YHWH is the one who heals us and brings our spirits back to life. He is the one who liberates us.

Finally, forgiveness brings people closer together or provides closer to the wrong(s) done, but in order to sustain that peace, you must first forgive yourself too. You can forgive others if you can also forgive yourself for all the wrongdoings you’ve committed in life. By forgiving and loving yourself, you will find more peace in your life than you ever imagined.

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What’s a Toxic Relationship, Anyway?

If You’re In A Toxic Relationship, Look Out For These Signs

Falling in love or being in love with someone has the potential to change your life, and not always for the better. Relationships aren’t always filled with sweet talks and spectacular gestures. They can also be harmful and toxic at times. We often choose to overlook this truth because we are clinging to the love we once had with our companion. Or we may justify their actions because we are afraid of being alone. And, let’s face it, who isn’t?

However, if you’re stuck in a toxic relationship, don’t wait until it’s too late to take action. It’s critical to prioritize personal freedom and autonomy in partnerships, therefore here are some warning flags to look out for:

When Your Partner Starts Controlling Your Everyday Activities

Is your partner constantly questioning your actions? You’re in a toxic relationship if you can’t seem to get away from them, whether it’s about what you’re wearing, where you’re going, or who you work and communicate with. When your partner becomes overbearing and puts you under constant duress, it’s time to take a step back and examine your life.

When You Begin To Make Excuses For Their Misconduct

You may make excuses for your partner’s mistakes, no matter how serious they are. It could take the shape of blaming yourself, their circumstances, or other unjustified factors. However, this merely permits them to continue to damage you without taking responsibility for their acts. To break the cycle of negativity, you must discuss and expose their flaws as their significant other.

Your moods are low, and you have a hollow feeling in the evenings. Worse, you’re altering yourself to match your partner’s expectations and gain validation. A relationship is the coming together of two unique identities. Things can get toxic when people start giving too much of their identity away. It’s time for you to reclaim your finest self. You’re far more than your partner thinks of you, so go within and rediscover yourself.

When they keep a score and you’re the one who’s always at fault

Fights between couples are typical, and even beneficial, at times. What isn’t healthy, though, is when these disagreements seem to overwhelm the love you have and always place blame on you. It isn’t fair to you if your partner counts up prior mistakes and brings them up in current arguments. Aside from fighting, you should be aware that if your partner rubs in every pleasant gesture they do for you and asks similar effort in return, you’re on a perilous path. While love should be reciprocated in partnerships, it should not be pushed.

When your issues are put on the back burner

Do you have the impression that the world revolves around your partner?

Do you still prioritize their needs over your own when you’re not feeling well?

Is your partner aware of your troubles and still treats them as trivial in comparison to theirs?

Frequently, you will find yourself in circumstances where your needs and problems are ignored, or you may feel guilty for demanding more than the bare minimum. But that is no longer the case. If your troubles concern you, they aren’t insignificant, and a true partner would remind you of that. Being selfish, contrary to popular belief, isn’t a terrible thing. So choose to be self-centered and go after what you desire.

When There Is Communication But There Is No Understanding

Finally, you can talk with your spouse a lot, but if they don’t want to understand your point of view and understand what you’re saying, it’s a waste of time and effort. What good does it do you to share your issues if they go unnoticed? So try to communicate with them and make them grasp what you’re saying. It is their loss if they do not.

Bottom Line 2Cents Dribble

Constantly editing yourself might be lonely. It’s not a good idea. Your beautiful adored heart, mind, soul, and body are all on the line.

God’s love empowers us to create fresh starts as His cherished child, allowing us to break free from the false identity that someone else has placed on us. Bottom Line: You are deserving of being known for who you are, loved, and appreciated!

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