Freedom Montage

It is a dysfunctional travesty not to see the beauty in diversity. It is truly wondrous to observe all the various differences that make us all unique.

The Shocking Alternative

Back By Unpopular Demand…

There is nothing beautiful about evil its all an illusion of grandeur.All pain, suffering, and brutality are caused from the insatiable appetite of humanity to ingest multiple doses of sinful poison. Evil doings provides a prideful pathway of direct destruction of its host. By resisting the love of the only Sovereign Creator of all and everything our souls will remain wanting.

Our Creator wants us (humanity) free, clean, healed, and joyful.

Thankfully, humanity has been offered an antidote given to our creator for our deliverance…and that is in Jesus Christ, Alone.

This is an illustration of C.S Lewis’ third talk of the third radio series called ‘What Christians Believe’. This became Chapter 3 of Book 2, in the book called ‘Mere Christianity’

Now that is extraordinary!

Spoiler Alert: Even if you can’t see it in the end, Good Wins! Elohim(God) is Victorious he has no rivals.

Balance|Poetry Pot I

Spoken Word Poetry with Film Video Arrangement

Above is a spoken word poetry video with a theme about balance. This video is now live on the Manilla Villa YouTube Channel and listed on the Poetry Pot Playlist so feel free to check it out and definitely Subscribe to stay notified of new content posted.

Yah Bless!