Wandering Eyes

The Gathering

As it goes the story of us lingers in my heart as a beautiful tune cascading with my soul in all in its glorious majestic streams of dreams…

When The Soul Sings…

Quiet the heart in our verse of discourse so you can hear my soul sing sweetly to you...

The Man’s Blind Bluff

Capture me with delight so I can see you…

No! Says the blind man.

Reality Reealz

In the midnight watch under the willow tree collecting pines whistle by in the wind taking time to unite in the gadgets goll of submission.

Good Ground Broken

Close to the seasonal life in wonder you might ask both in the presence of our impulses to take aim at the sudden blows that come up to harness our actions. Thankfully, bliss takes on our countless ends-by-night entries in destiny’s ground our resources are found…

Still Soft Voice Of Truth

Truth whispers to us but will we listen?

Our Anti-Aging Music Culture

It isn’t a secret that the music industry is selectively filled with the youthful puppets. This may seem a harsh statement but the truth is much stranger than any fictional tale we can imagine.

However, with an open mind, we can concur that many of the most popular artists in the music industry are apart of a giant music entertainment machine. For decades it seems this “Music machine” strategically seeks to persuade us to accept certain chosen artists by maintaining a calculated media music blitz that places elevated attention on them.

You would think that actual musical talent would be the most important marketable quality in the music industry but it seems beauty is. Even though we don’t look at music we listen to it the attractiveness of the artist seems to be the most persuasive marker for what is marketable. When did this happen?

We only need to look back on history, Ex. Introducing Nilli Vanilli. The sad tale of deception where two young studs were lip-singing songs in order to mask the true identity of the real song-writers, musicians, and artists of the music.

The truth was exposed in the most embarrassing way publicly during a live performance. As the music played the tape of the pre-recorded musical voices blatantly malfunctions exposing the Nilli Vanilli to be lip singers. As In the aftermath of this humiliating incident a confession was given to the public of the masked musical foolery that occurred in order to dispute a preferable marketable brand to music listeners.

The question we can ask ourselves is, Did this kind of musical deception really end within the music industry? This question would seem leaning towards a conspiratorial angle if it didn’t actually happen once before. What’s wrong with asking questions anyway? Seems unacceptable these days. Makes you wonder why? Hence, on to more questions…

However, the tide may be turning by a generation and brave souls that refuse to be blissfully ignorant and rocked to sleep with nonsense. Researching can be fun.The truth is always appealing over a lie. Perhaps we shall collectively experience a new decade not only of disclosure but deliverance. We shall see.

Anyway, what then shall we say of music today it is a flatbed of baby babble void of complex lyrical depth with music composed by computers. Ouch! The truth is music has become deluded and waxes colder by the day.

Even if musicians do make it in the industry based on some form of talent or another that doesn’t mean they maintain full creative control either. Depending on their contracts they can end up flashy indentured servants with more of a resemblance to a glitzy slave for a giant entertainment musical machine while never making enough to pay back their debts. It seems even in the best of returns many artists become a mere replaceable character brand. They are methodically left bobbing around on the public stage while speaking well handled yet rehearsed talking points. What a way to live.

In the meantime, the media is tasked with creative sensational dramatic headlines around the activity of their celebrity lives that we the masses are given to absorb. Perhaps this is all meant to distract us from what is really going on such as, not having anything morally good to listen around children or that we are selectively choosing to listen to certain oldies but goodies before the strong arm of musical control and aggressive propaganda enacted its tyrannical grip on musical creativity.

Is Music just creatively good and acceptable only if its created by the young and beautiful?

Where did we get this far to where only the young are able to appear to create the popular music we listen to?

How did we get this far to where older musical artists are shunned and left as relics of a classic time unable to produce the same quality hits to the public?

Is this all by Design?

These are questions we should ask ourselves. We the people must realize what we are being musically sold and it may very well be a foolish lie.

It seems the greatest works for true artists come from their latter days wrapped with all their lifetime of experiences. Indeed some are gifted even at a young age to do amazing things and create wonderful music. But does musical creativity end with age or is it culturally silenced? we may agree that people who truly enjoy their art tend to get even better with age knowing more of their art-form and that is a marker of life in general. So, why do we shun the old for a newer and better musical models? Perhaps we are missing out on music quality with the promotion of youthful attractiveness,beat machines, and degrading deals.

As a result we are still left to bare witness to this musical beast machine and its massively crafted deluded delusion of the music quality. What do we have for music now because of it?

Sadly, We are left with sloppy seconds, half-naked women who can not sing while they praise the devil. And let us not forget our Gender blended males who babble about well anything they are told to.

As for performances, musicians that play instruments are randomly hired to participate. It seems these live performances are just for public optics giving the appearance of musicality but in reality, sophisticated computer software producers are primarily doing all the heavy non-essential lifting behind the scenes of studio production.

Now with this rant almost complete this is not a piece to nag on the music industry woes while wearing a tin foil hat. On the contrary this hopefully can be viewed as a reflective piece (if you made it this far to read it) showcasing highlights of what our ‘popular-trending music’ has become.

However, we can take heart in knowing real music never died it was just left unseen. There have been so many gifted musical artist, bands, composers in the past and present that weren’t thrust on world stage but always maintained their talent. Many did not want to compromise their art or beliefs, they wanted to be creatively free no matter the cost. Therefore, in so doing they silently slipped into the shadows and continued on where their music would be appreciated by those who knew what real music sounded like.

Of course now we are given the opportunity to break free from the confines of the giant music industry machine with independent musicians attempting to share there gifts in other alternative ways. Of course their is an aggressive campaign to control even this burst of musical liberation by the powers that be. Yet, despite of this campaign to silence alternative voices including the musical ones the art of instrumental musicality remains. Our creative endowment by the Sovereign Creator refuses to let humanity to be musically replaced by a beat machines and auto-tunes.

Thanks to generational preservation musicians have been playing instruments for ages and now we have an opportunity to take back the integrity of music itself. We can tear down the elevated diabolical promotion to create music that speaks truth. Hopefully this thirst for authentically free creativity never ends for humanity.

Perhaps we are gradually discovering that computer software is a beneficially good but embracing a musically free creative humanity is an even greater.

Hence, we can confidently begin to realize that there is still inter-generational value in human beings creating music when they are given the ability to express themselves artistically. Case in point we don’t have to listen to musical garbage anymore unless we choose to. We can enjoy listening to healthy vibrations again that are expressive to humanities soulful emotions while physically playing instruments and singing our songs. Now that’s music…

Night Time Blues To Day Time Love

Pain-A Cold heart isn’t the only thing missing in your soul…

Ever wonder where the darkness leads if you play in it?

WE fester here in the dark together until the day dawns and we both look like fools under the fading moonlight.

Agonoy-So much regret. How do we repay our sorrows back or redeem our persecution?

Comforter-It is in every eye to wonder about searching for a deliverer in the bottom of a bottle or some other fading crescent resource. Yet, while the muse plays on knowledgeable enlightenment calls to them in love.

Where art tho’? My beloved. Our creator speaks.

A souls retreat from its vile course distilled ready for a redemption tale suitable for ensuring all sorts of happy pursuits.

Love-Our night passes and hope shines quietly into our bosom of our dreams. How lovely is our course now beyond the pale horse.

Justice then forms within heart as wisdom takes the helm. How glorious!