History is Being Written & Your in It.

His-story is told from all angles. Or is it?

Top to bottom left to right the victors write the tales.

The Days Of Repair

Gentle as the stories that you tell there seems to be a victorious tone in your bellowing which seems to be coming from the depths of your Soul. Care to explain? In due time.

Blocks Upon Blocks Upon the Chief Corner Stone.

You Are Playing In the

Best Movie

In Human History!

Who new life could be so entertaining?

20/20 Vision

Dock Flow

A swift wind blows that makes a cross on the world right above the rivers of lies in the midst of pure beauty before the feet of truth while justice devours deception.

What a sight.

Suddenly, a Bell Rings for all to hear…

All aboard! Time for take off….

Freedom Montage

It is a dysfunctional travesty not to see the beauty in diversity. It is truly wondrous to observe all the various differences that make us all unique.