Happy New Year!!!

It’s a brand new year according to the romanticized calendar and it’s exciting to be a part of this amazing ride of life. Many are kicking off the brand new 2019 year with resolutions, prayers, or one big sigh of relief.

No matter how you’ve decided to bring in the year hopefully you will enjoy this year better than the last.

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2019 seems to be blossoming into a wonderful brand new year and hopefully, it’ll be filled with many more fantastic happy happenings for you and yours. Many blessings to all.

Thanks again for joining in on the party here on Manilla Villa and hope you continue to enjoy!

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Greatest Rock Riffs of all Time

Oh…rock on. Sharing Music vibes Monday-Sunday. It’s amazing what musicians can do with a guitar. Music allows unique Creativity through Sound. Below is a random collection or list of some great riffs including some of the most iconic of all time…

  • Aerosmith, “Walk This Way”
  • Deep Purple, “Smoke On The Water” …
  • Michel Jackson, “Beat it” …
  • Dire Straits, “Money for Nothing” …
  • Pink Floyd, “Comfortably Numb” …
  • Nirvana, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
  • Rooftops, “Jesus Culture” …
  • Fireflight, “Unbreakable”
  • Switchfoot, “The Sound”
  • Chris Rice, Love Like Crazy

What is your favourite riff?

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Finally A Film Featuring Wonder Woman

It has been a long time coming but finally, Wonder Woman film emerges in theaters joining many other super DC comic heroes that have graced the big screen over the past decade. Ever Since comic book character themed films have previously conveyed profitable gains production of superhero storylines to feature full-length movies don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Hollywood is sill continuously consumed with bringing blockbuster comic book superheroes in all their fantastical glory to the big screen. Now, it seems all bets are on hoping Wonder Woman ticket sales will be just as grand as the superheroes that Hollywood continues to put on the big screen.

With giving another female superhero a chance on the big screen the film also was given a woman’s direct touch with exactly that a female Director, Patty Jerkins. Wonder women famed dc comic book heroine is played by Gal Gadot.

At any rate wonder woman, is a vibrant comic book character that has a long history in comic books and on American tv screens in time past. Wonder Woman and her lingering intrigue among comic book lovers and many others continue to this day that brings a brand new appreciation of well known multitask superiority to the bring screen.Below is a brief history of the Wonder Woman character and her emergence as one of the most well-known female superheroes of all time.



With a claim to fame in comic books and a brief TV stint in the 1970’s Wonder Woman now has time to shine on the big screen as the first ever wonder woman film to hit theaters worldwide. Already the Wonder Woman movie is making substantial profitable returns already achieving a 6.3 million tally in Asian markets. According to hollywoodreporter.com, Among its first international returns this week, Wonder Woman has earned $1.3 million in Taiwan, surpassing the openings of such superhero pics as Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, Thor and both Guardians of the Galaxy films, among others. In North Korea, it debuted to $1.2 million.

The Wonder Woman film is already anticipated to surpass her fellow female superhero big screen flops of Catwoman and Electra with potential projected returns on the film to reach $95 million.