Love Explained In Fewer Than 140 Characters

Love is equally a sustainable dynamic force of enduring activity that allows all of humanity to thrive and grow successfully throughout the ages.

The mere presence of Love invokes a trans-formative effect that greatly impacts our lives. Love is so trans-formative in-fact that at the height of Love’s perfection the stumbling block of crippling fear is cast away and defeated.

Love is the most beautiful gift that flourishes in humanity with fervent faithfulness. In the holy scriptures or the bible Love is defined as Yahweh or God. God is Love. This passage highlights that love’s fundamental source lives in our connection to the eternal life giving spirit of our primary life force within our creator. When true love is embedded into our human experience we can expect a mutual beneficial return on our endeavors.

With Love all things are possible.

First Date 101: Eating


Okay this is a reasonable list of four foods to consider avoiding on a first date including a gush session about your ex. Check.

Now, the most important thing to remember is to just be yourself and see where things go. If you find yourself not being able to resist that Sloppy-Joe or full set of baby back ribs don’t be bashful bring along some baby wipes and call it a day.

Some people make an effort to eat less during their first date but being able to be yourself is key which often than not hopefully includes eating. So if you are truly hungry dig in especially if your not paying. How grand is that?

However, Sloppy foods are perfect foods NOT to avoid if your date is going extremely bad. Please Take note. Hey, this could be alternatively four best ways to actually avoid another date too!