How Beliefs Can Help You Succeed

What Do You Believe?

Our beliefs shape our perception of our current reality. What we consume in through our outward experiences can and will fester upon our inner consciousness knowingly or unknowingly. Hence, it may be rightly conveyed that, you are what you think.

Being conscious of our thoughts can be helpful in nurturing a deeper understanding of who we are and what makes us tick and why.

How Do Think Your Beliefs Have Shaped Your Perception of Yourself, Others, and Your Understanding Of This World?

Developing an awareness of our thoughts are beneficial in highlighting our perceptions of our unique human experience and interactions with others.

Therefore, it is through the lens of our perceptions that the depths of our beliefs shape our interactions in this world formulating into our reality.

Believe it or not our thoughts have power to create our reality.
Some of our many experiences often are born as a reflection of our own inner chatter or self-talk. What we believe to be so will be so for us in our experience so it would be beneficial for us to choose wisely.

Hopefully, more of humanity will choose more high happy thoughts that will develop more good and positive outcomes for themselves and others rather than destructive divisive thoughts that simply breeds more chaos.

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7 Cold Hard Facts About Break-Ups

Break-ups can be emotionally rough, sorrowfully draining, and at times extremely beneficial to both parties involved. Yes, cutting ties after potentially heavily invested interactions with someone or something can be hard or challenging but not impossible to overcome.

At the end of the day saying good-bye to a lover, friend, co-worker, habit or establishment isn’t easy yet, surprisingly for some offers an incredible opportunity for emotional and mental relief.

It may seem harsh at the time to accept the grueling departure of a break-up but more often than not it is indeed for the best.

Just as the seasons come can go people, places, and habits can too. Some stay, some go, but whatever is truly meant to be will stay indefinitely.

So we can take comfort in knowing though life may throw us its curve balls, plot twists, lemons and a bitter batch of cold tea we can still move on thriving better than ever before.

So without further ado below are seven cold hard facts about break-ups.

  1. They said breaking up is hard to do but that must of been before break-ups via text messages.
  2. The moment you realize you made the right decision letting go because you actually feel happier.
  3. Now You have an even better excuse to party and enjoy yourself!
  4. You can dramatically reduce the occurrence of stress and the headaches induced by them.
  5. Letting go enabled you to experience pure joy at arriving at your new destination path that you were always meant to reach.
  6. You can only cry so much before your tears dry up and you’re encouraged to smile.
  7. Ice Cream Sales Sore!

The Beauty of Steadfast Love

When you love with all your heart what does that mean to you?

The rose gathers in the morning until winter comes and brisks it away waiting to reborn into another season. How lovely is love’s pressance when it returns.

Time waits for no one and listens to the impressions of our hearts.

Now that love remains even through the currents of hate there is no other better course to take. For hate travels into the brittle hands of ruin while love remains victorious and graciously steadfast.

Nothing will prevail against love. For Love is such a powerful protective force that it courageously transcends injustice and valiantly unfolds the wealth of its enduring compassion forever.

Love, therefore, is even ten times stronger against adversity. For its grace, light, and might carries us through the darkest of days.

In the end Love casts out all fear and every form of wickedness. For hate that has no domain over Love.

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May LOVE, PEACE, and JOY be in you all of your days and into the eternity all you redeemed sons and daughters of the most high YAH!