Media Blits to Think Tank Bluff

Orginally Posted: March 30, 2016

Report Fudge Final copy

If you think the above cartoon is a stretch of the current media climate, think again. Check out this disturbing video below.

Media Brainwashing – News simply repeats the same taglines & phrases OVER and OVER

Why do news reporters rely on scripts? Well, that would be because the media that many have come to rely on for news is actually controlled by a few elite owners and governmental entries pushing out stories as a form of propaganda to the masses. Unfortunately, this disordered infiltration of outside influences formulates many of these news reports that are strategically scripted and used as mediums to promote specific agendas.

In these times individual liberty is consistently attacked and the role of big government is becoming increasingly intrusive on personnel behavior. Journalism is no different from this oppressive over site by outside entities in these modern times. Those that do not go lock and step as a mouthpiece for propaganda are often ostracized from journalism circles and discarded from major mainstream media affiliations.

Many have suggested real mainstream independent journalism is dead, yet hope is on the horizon for journalism to restore its tainted image and regain its integrity and freedom once again. It seems independent news outlets are on the rise and gradually seem to be gaining momentum in influence. This emergence of alternative independent news sources can be signs that reflect the public increasing dissatisfaction with mainstream media’s questionable rhetoric.


This disruptive consolidation by corporate entities over media news currently reflects a form of informational tyranny associated more closely with oppressive forms of totalitarianism/fascist-like propaganda strategies.

More People need to become aware of the massive controlled mainstream media network that is strategically set up to dilute originality and independence in journalism. Hopefully, Independent news outlets will continue to increase and combat this form of polarized tyranny and governmental tampering in journalism.


Love Peace and Harmony

Love, Peace, and Harmony are key ingredients to stabilizing nations. However,the foul brew of Hatred, Chaos, and Discord is what destroys communities from achieving balance. Its pure evil when the common good of all human beings is threatened by tyranny. The use of force then is necessary then in cases where evil reveals itself like a sickening virus ruining the human experience with cruelty.So then with force then evil must be rooted out in extreme cases as a defensive to perverse the common good and safety of human beings.Hence, that in itself although force is love.Love for preserving humanity from a threat of brutal tyranny and physical extinction is necessary for preserving any great republic.

Yet, Love promotes peace and peace brings harmony in our daily existence as human beings. With these ingredients embedded in society human dignity can be preserved and properly maintained. Without this influx of vibrational positive energy among people negative energy will prevail to destroy the dignity and freedoms of all human beings.Therefore, to keep a stable society positive energy must be maintained as a the most important free will choice by all peoples and nations.

This concept of Love, Peace, and Harmony is practiced by those who are enlightened by its power to transform the human existence to a bearable and enjoyable state. The level of loving presents a genuine mutual self giving aspiration to preserve the common good of the collective whole of humanity. To transforms a society to a viable prosperous region Love must be must be cultivated.

However,when the preservation of human life deteriorates within a society and self-serving practices abound the door becomes open for more despicable acts. evil intentions increase the likelihood oppressive rule by those who seek to dominate over others with an overwhelming lust for power and control.A society that does not capture the essence for compassion and harmony falls. It falls from within. A society without the respect for human dignity and admiration for preserving freedoms will fall mainly because, evil practices never output positive results.If Tyranny becomes victorious over the masses it is a time limited germination of power. Eventually supporters of evil manipulation collapse by their own destructive practices that fail to generate positive flourishing communities. When Oppression is intense human mural decreases. With the pulse of love destroyed among its members of any society that very society will fall.With that fall a death comes to release total turmoil that results in the ultimate destruction of communities.

In reflection what has preserved the human existence from imploding in on itself has been the influx of love. The practice of compassion by those who discovered the true transcending value of peace and harmony has preserved humanity form certain distress throughout time. Love,Peace and harmony protects a society from attracting negative inputs that like a virus spreads to pollute the hearts and minds of people to Hate.Hate in its fury leads to chaos and chaos to division.With those vile ingredients life takes a new meaning and the results are despicably evil.
However, love in its beauty is a precious transferable gift.When love is treasured, cared for, and practiced it opens the door a rewarding timeless transcendence into the human potentiality. Hence, even in the most hostile environments, with love and compassion there is no amount of vile campaigns that can snuff out Love because, Love never fails.