“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”―Viktor E. Frankl

In times like these we beckon to hear the voice of all those faithful souls before us telling us to, Live. And…How should we live? Free. And…If we live free what are we to live free to do? Anything?

The answer is embedded in our eternal cause to unite with a power much greater than we are called, love, wisdom, and the embodiment of hope. Our Creator. Even deeper so our oneness as creations to this divine superior light we call G-o-d the Father (Abba) with Our Eternal King of kings miraculously redeems daily our hopefulness of redemption renewal.

We shall live free to spread the pure divine love that transforms worlds and the precious lives of other human beings no matter where they are or come from. Yes, we are perfectly one in the truth ingrained with the Golden ratio of response imprinted in the depths of our soul for all time.

“We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.”Gwendolyn Brooks


Travel Wisely where the wind blows…Yes, there we will follow.

Listen to The one Superior Spirit across the winds of truth. Yes, there we will follow.

Out of the dust and ashes of rebuke my brother and sisters…Yes, there we will follow.

As eagles rising above adversity we shall see the days of renewal upon us like a sweet white dove perching on a strong firm branch of hope. Yes, there too we shall follow and arise victorious.

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“When there is silence,

Give your voice.

When there is darkness,

Shine your light.

When there is desperation,

Offer hope.

Tim Fargo

Happy Love Day!

Love is a beautiful gift that missing an opportunity to recognize its relevance invites a grave disservice to our lives as human beings.

Hence, The Love Cure

They say all the world needs is love. “They” are right.

Telling and showing love to those around us should be an everyday affair. However, in honor of love day, Love be Fun!


The moment of miracles creates a season of joy that no one can destroy.

Let us point to the stars and breathe the air of victory like a column of unmovable stones.

We exist now as living vessels made ready for love.

Blissful summer days rejoin our sober thoughts as laughter fills our souls.

Pain is now a memory between us as the season of delight reassures our weary hearts. All is beauty when we reunite.

Life can be tainted with a despicable disregard for the dignity of our human soul yet, in the midst of that folly we see the truth that, we live.

The celebration of our return is indeed lovely. Our spark is like fire and our reunion like a rose beautifully blooming.