Planet Worth

Pain gripped my heart as pure agony settled in the core of my being. If only you were here to tell me what to do. I wept.

Suddenly  I took the time to look up at the sky and wonder if I’ll ever hear your voice again.

Then suddenly I saw you in my mind’s eye. You were there lovingly smiling at me.In that magical moment, I saw heaven gazing upon your beauty.

I wanted to touch you but I could not. Why must my visions be so cruel?

Between my racing thoughts, I heard you gently whisper to my soul, “Trust Your Inner Voice.”

My heart throbbed. I waited…through the pregnant pause, I miraculously regained my will.

Suddenly,  I knew just what to do, live in love.

via- Permit

Offline Love

Weary souls are a living testimony of the endless means of recuperation from Love loss.

If only we could re-bound from destruction as quickly as it comes on.

Destiny is in our hands if we love as one and all for one.

Why then should we even think of such things as unity and peace? 

It’s easy to live life in a dream but it is even better to live out days here and now together in solidarity.

Yet, in the midst of our recovery doubters clammer about trying to be the best only to find that they lack vision and soul. In their vile competitive pursuits, they become vain and their intrigue is riddled with self-serving attributes as they continually desire to be first.

However, we can enter out of the Grimmy Sludge of oppression with belief as our foundation and hope as our anchor.

In the vast motif of life, one factor remains constant its a lovers drive to seek the truth and travel down destinies path.


Adrift From You

The oceans know no bounds to the fury set in my heart.

I go day and night longing for your sweet embrace. My cup offering infuses me with worry that you’ll leave and never come back. Now sorrow buries me lovesick.

In my own wonderful imagination, we are united again traveling along the seasons in love. How vast is the ocean of love that set a path for victory? Adrift You render me solid grazing along the waters with delight. Thinking of you makes me strong.

My heart races forth to reunite with you again. On that great day, when we gather into company our love will shine together once more and my soul will be in heaven.