Tik Toks Red Line-Selling Farts In Jar Ok Sharing Controversial Commentary Not So Much

So if you’re not already aware by now A reality TV actress was brought to the hospital last week with chest issues after bottling too many of her farts in a jar and earning roughly $200,000 ?!?!

Seems like a fictitious comedic joke for a comedy gig at first but it is far from it.

Anyway reality personality-tik toker Stephanie Matto, age 31, started her gassy business venture in November of last year, filming her diet of beans, eggs, and protein shakes on TikTok to keep followers updated.

Ms. Matto, who starred on the reality show “90-Day Fiance, and 90-Day The Single Life ” allegedly made $50,000 per week selling $1,000 jars.

“Wow! What a whirlwind of a week it’s been. First and foremost, thank you for all of your orders, inquiries, encouragement, and love! “More to come!” she commented on Instagram when she first started her business.

Ms. Matto, on the other hand, appears to have developed gastrointestinal issues as a result of her high-fiber diet.

“I thought I was having a stroke and that these were the last moments of my life.” She stated to the UK’s Jam Press, “I was overdoing it.”

“I didn’t tell my doctors about the farting in the jar, but I did tell them about my diet,” says the patient. It was determined that I wasn’t having a stroke or a heart attack, but rather severe gas pains.”

Her unique line of work came to an abrupt stop though when doctors recommended she adjust her diet and gave gas suppression medication. Woe.

However, this fart fetish business model ensues as Ms. Matto said that cartoon versions of her fart jars were now available for purchase now as despite the fact that she can no longer create real farts for sale?

Now, what in the world has our societal culture come to that a person can make over $50,000 per week selling farts in a jar? Who knew farts was a lucrative “business venture?” Is this really just a twisted sexual fetish or do some people actually like the idea of having someone’s farts in a jar as a keepsake? Lots of questions. Of course, this is disgustingly unimportant sensational odd news that also shows the type of deprived yet ultimately condoned behavior that occurs on this CCP owned Tik Tok platform.

However, if you are a judicial activist like Tom Fitton, with the potential to break big stories well, that type of commentary content is not welcome on the Tik Tok Social engineering Platform. Although Judicial Watch is often stereotyped as a politically partisan initiative according to their mission statement, “Judicial Watch, Inc. is a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, which promotes transparency, accountability and, integrity in government.” Regardless of ones’ views in support or against Tom Fitton’s commentaries this just seems wrong.

Last week the president of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, said he was permanently banned from the China-based media platform called, TikTok. As questionable as this action is it certainly is not surprising that Communist China would censor messages they prefer people, not to say. Yet, this ban highlights the stark insight into what is considered threatening behavior (free-speech opinions) vs. non-threatening behavior (selling farts in a jar) as an indicator of behaviors that are algorithmically rewarded or deemed unacceptable to post results in an outright ban on Tik Tok.

Yet, despite attempts to address the issues with Tik Tok its growth in preference is now topping google in usage as billions of people internationally use this media clip sharing CCP platform that for now seems addictively engaging as Tik Tok collects massive swabs of data of its users. As initially reported by TechCrunch, in the summer of 2021 Tik Tok recently updated its privacy policy to additionally include information concerning its extraction of the biometric data of its users too.

In reflection, the oppression or suppression of free speech expression directly opposes the American Way. Currently, however, this constitutional-based ‘American Way’ seems to be influenced by communist-like ideals, at the moment. Yet, despite the onslaught of informational slugfests, thankfully, some people still value upholding and securing the free-speech right of every person. However, The American way is a path of freedom that now painfully seems to be, gasping for air. Freedom of expression that allows for the free flow of ideas or opinions are values that make the United States intrinsically different from other nations. Even the ability of the people to peacefully protest and address their government on grievances is an activity that is unacceptable in certain countries to this day.

Hence, if you want to record yourself guzzling down water for 20 seconds as it pours all over you while attempting to sing, you may be the next big thing. BUT, if you want to ask questions publically and share your insightful opinions on controversial topics well, be careful folks! The censorship, ready thought police might be after your content next to stop you before you even start.

Is Tik Tok truly a captivating psychological weapon and the evilest business model in modern history? The video below takes a deep dive into the China-owned Bytedance Empire as it’s currently raking in billions from its new algorithmic AI technology. However, it seems questionable dangers remain with the ability through this ground-breaking app to strategically manipulate the youth, society, or even the cultural views and ideals of nations. This video is worth the watch below. Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments section if you like as well. Let us know what you think.


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Media Blits to Think Tank Bluff

Orginally Posted: March 30, 2016

Report Fudge Final copy

If you think the above cartoon is a stretch of the current media climate, think again. Check out this disturbing video below.

Media Brainwashing – News simply repeats the same taglines & phrases OVER and OVER

Why do news reporters rely on scripts? Well, that would be because the media that many have come to rely on for news is actually controlled by a few elite owners and governmental entries pushing out stories as a form of propaganda to the masses. Unfortunately, this disordered infiltration of outside influences formulates many of these news reports that are strategically scripted and used as mediums to promote specific agendas.

In these times individual liberty is consistently attacked and the role of big government is becoming increasingly intrusive on personnel behavior. Journalism is no different from this oppressive over site by outside entities in these modern times. Those that do not go lock and step as a mouthpiece for propaganda are often ostracized from journalism circles and discarded from major mainstream media affiliations.

Many have suggested real mainstream independent journalism is dead, yet hope is on the horizon for journalism to restore its tainted image and regain its integrity and freedom once again. It seems independent news outlets are on the rise and gradually seem to be gaining momentum in influence. This emergence of alternative independent news sources can be signs that reflect the public increasing dissatisfaction with mainstream media’s questionable rhetoric.


This disruptive consolidation by corporate entities over media news currently reflects a form of informational tyranny associated more closely with oppressive forms of totalitarianism/fascist-like propaganda strategies.

More People need to become aware of the massive controlled mainstream media network that is strategically set up to dilute originality and independence in journalism. Hopefully, Independent news outlets will continue to increase and combat this form of polarized tyranny and governmental tampering in journalism.