Watching The Sunrise 🌅After A Sunset 🌇

It was a beautiful day when we crossed paths it was like viewing a brand new sunrise that blissfully pervades through the distant horizon.

10 Amazing Contemplation Pictures

Practicing the method of contemplation is a beneficial practice that can allow room for a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we relate to others. For it is in that stillness that we enter the silence so we can really hear.

When we quiet our thoughts we can find comfort in that stillness. Its there where humanity can connect with a power greater than we are, God aka Yahweh, Yah, The creator of all life. For some this divine spiritual practice of contemplation provides a trans-formative peaceful state as they join themselves in love to Love itself within.

In world when all sorts of chaos can scream for our attention we can become comfortable with being uncomfortably stressed. Yet, the practice of Contemplation can assist us in our spiritual growth so we can impact our world physically in a calm, thoughtful, and highly productive way.

From one minute to two hours silent contemplation can be done anywhere at anytime and hopefully more of us join this contemplation challenge with a fervent appreciation of its benefits.

In dedication to the whole concept of contemplation below is a list of the ten most amazing photos that best showcase this potential appearance of silent contemplation.

Please feel free in the comment section to share your own thoughts and feelings on the practice of contemplation.


Photo by Angelo Pantazis


Photo by Jared Brashier 


Photo by Anthony Tori


Photo by Tyler Nix


Jack Sharp


Photo By Natalia Figueredo


Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli 


Photo By Artem Koalev


Photo by Allef Vinicius


Photo by Ben White

“Life is an experimental journey undertaken involuntarily. It is a journey of the spirit through the material world and, since it is the spirit that travels, it is the spirit that is experienced. That is why there exist contemplative souls who have lived more intensely, more widely, more tumultuously than others who have lived their lives purely externally.” 
― Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

Our Play of Greetings: Hello, How Are You?

Meeting strangers during our daily interactions outside the digital realm can be at times an awkward dance and some people enjoy ‘breaking the ice’ with a simple greeting phrase of ‘Hi, How are you?’ But how of us are honestly expecting an answer to this question?

At times we may be in rush moving about with our daily lives. And often without thought, we can utter cordial greetings to potential strangers throughout our daily activities. At times it may seem so routine that actually we can be shocked to get an actual response to the question.

Come on admit it. Are you often really prepared for an answer to a greeting question posed to strangers? Or like so many of us simply expect to only hear an affirmative composed positive response along the lines of ‘good, fine. and perhaps an even extra ‘How are you?’ back.

In honor of the, “How are you?” cordial greeting practice a thoughtful scenario list was composed of the most colorful responses to the timeless greeting

Hello, How are you?

Bad. My butt hurts

Hello, How are you?

Terrible. My wife left me.

Hello, How are ya?


Hello, How are you?

Good! My husband finally got released from prison and wrote a loving contract that he will never ever kill me.

Hi, How are you?

I don’t understand

Hey there, How are you?


Hi, How are you?

Fantastic! I just lost my V card at 30! Can you believe it?