March Madness Ensues

Enter the night and swiftly exit peacefully with a mantle of light- Captin Gold Finger

North Lawn reporters are asked to stop using space heaters to avoid a power outage during the SOTU Address tonight.


A memory is worth a thousand words if only the images of it’s existence can compel them…

All jokes aside where does the truth reside?

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

-Joe Klaas, Twelve Steps to Happiness

All our weary souls wait for better days amid the raging storm. Yet, in the scalding furnace of affliction, we shall arise refined as pure gold. At last, the day miraculously breaks free and we renew our resolve to live and love again in unity…


Playlist: Love Peace Joy set on repeat.

‘Don’t let your voice be silenced’ -We The People

Wandering Eyes

The Gathering

As it goes the story of us lingers in my heart as a beautiful tune cascading with my soul in all in its glorious majestic streams of dreams…

When The Soul Sings…

Quiet the heart in our verse of discourse so you can hear my soul sing sweetly to you...

The Man’s Blind Bluff

Capture me with delight so I can see you…

No! Says the blind man.

Reality Reealz

In the midnight watch under the willow tree collecting pines whistle by in the wind taking time to unite in the gadgets goll of submission.

Good Ground Broken

Close to the seasonal life in wonder you might ask both in the presence of our impulses to take aim at the sudden blows that come up to harness our actions. Thankfully, bliss takes on our countless ends-by-night entries in destiny’s ground our resources are found…

Still Soft Voice Of Truth

Truth whispers to us but will we listen?



All the while right on our merry way we embraced on our delightful trip. However, taking too steps forward then two steps back was not fun at all really…Until…You came back to grab me to declare your true love for me aloud while cherishing me in your heart all the more. How sweet…