Passion Ignites


The night sky lingers its presence as a sustainable holy force still abides in all Authority. Yet, tyranny still yet kindles within the darkest of souls as they nestle proudly together upon the Earth.

With rigor and self-indulgence, the cause of such undelightful foes pools together
winds streaming united towards their inevitable end.

What then shall we do to stop
this raining feud of folly?

Embrace the seasonal dance

Why then do fools rush in?

It’s the dance that calls them with malignant whispers
that keep them calling out for more.

What is this delight in then?
For it is the never-ending call for more.

The bounty of its essence remains
constant for the favor of it all dwindles then fueled again at lusts alienable
response for bondage.©

Written By: Naomi-Simone