Rose Colored Glasses

In the end no one knows the real rose colored outcome. Or, Do we?

The year of the rose the beautiful rose. It lingers in red its stems arrayed with thorns. Pushing through the dirt of the earth rising above its own birth…

How glorious are the treasures of the Truth….



“We got lost in the sense of our love to be reborn. In the those moments of doubt you took me by the hand to guide me though the history of us. Thank you. Even in those subtle moments of pain you comforted me with your grace. How beautiful. Now we are on our way to Victory. The world awaits our story of survival to unfold before its waning eyes. What shall we tell them? We shall tell them that truth doesn’t die in darkness it conquers with its light.”

After The Rain

There is no Summer without the dew of Spring. There is no Winter without the Fall.

After The Rain

In the mood of the night the glimmer of hope emerges from the darkness offering its smooth retreat.

The midst of the still night renders its own shadows of illusions where one’s eye is shortly deceived until perceptions are resolved.

Yet, our inner intrigue remains in the light where it beckons our souls to know truth.

What then shall we do in the perils of the night?

We shall Dream sweet dreams in the smoke filled aftermath of new day dawning.

Cookie Lust Ushers In A Passionate Pursuit For More

It was sunset in the age of diabolical teleportions that ended in a cold dark existence with death emerging at the door. All those who cooperated with evil faced unparalleled judgment as the oppressed received their vindication.

Hours Upon Hours

Hours upon hours recorded and dispersed like a cold remedy in a season where people no longer look at each other in the eye. The calculation is simple: we win, you lose. You take while we bake. How is this all possible? It’s well known that Healthy Habits produce an extraordinary society.

Warning: Our Cookie Delivery Service Places Profit over Privacy.

Cookie Lust- We want to know all about you so we can make money by selling our products and services to you. YAY!

Time Lapse

A fairy tale ending isn’t all it seems to be. We wait for delight only to see that a deplorable infestation has taken hold of our luxury.

‘What shall we do then asks the blind man?’

Open our eyes Listen, Watch, and Wait until we capture with our Bait.

Wonder Wall

Can justice reign in a faulty world where evil takes its place in the hearts of the vile and unjust?

What then shall be our remedy?


Common Symptoms: Shock and AWE

Treatment provides for the Extraction and Eradication of all Evil