By The Boots

The ground thick soil readies its blows

sounds of classic clagging reach the peek of solitude

ferries row 

the music in tow 

That glorious vessel takes its voyage into the fog 

Night drills on and so does the moment.

We reach our destination in the night hours. 

smiling into the wind we take a breath of peace.

Glancing over at our lives we see everything clear as a visual climax not readily despised.  

With the light of the moon shining its mission upon on weary souls, it removes the darkness around us as we settle into our rooms ready for our boots.

[12 of 13 Love Series]

An Original NomiSLove Post Published on Poetizer

Enter Into The Light

The sound of your soft voice soothes my soul…

In the midnight hours after the darkest of days’ your blessings abound in your merciful flows.

At our moment of rest, you know what’s best as you hold me gently in the depths of your loving care.

In that time the beauty of your love your protection shines brighter than the moon that comforts my weary heart.

Now we can see each other as we are, together.

Silent Wounds

In the open door of every heart is space for silent wounds that hose old scars that linger on as a memorable monument of past pain.

Overcoming Sorrow With The Truth

For every fall there is winter for every winter there is spring for every spring there is summertime shine for the weary soul.

It wasn’t until the truth became known that all the lies fell away into a cesspool pool of disgrace…How sweet.

Overcoming the sorrow of the soul is bearing witness to the irrefutable reality of the hidden pride purging journey nestled closely into our souls as we reach the depths of humility.

Victory Bound Through The Pain

The agony of the soul can either make you or break you into a silent nothing or a victorious champion. The choice is ultimately ours…

With the sunset blaring in view, all that remains thereafter is darkness until the moon appears and the sun rises.

Another day, another hour, another minute, another second, beacons all to choose wisely…

V-for Victory | V-for Vindication | The cycle of retribution of justice ensues as the silent winds of truth glide throughout the Earth. People everywhere wondering for a moment…Is this it? The heartthrobs of agony as the blood of many cry out from the ground! How long Lord the people wail in sorrow?When will this reign of tyranny end? One pleads in desperation as another peacefully proclaims…Until the righteous take authority. We the people, we shall arise from this grave darkness together as one. For the appointed time is upon us set from above for us to be free. So we repent in dust and ashes as we cling to freedom…Watch & Pray.

Heart Healing

When the raging storm subsides peace envelopes our souls into a comforting heartbeat of restoration. Gliding on the lovely melody of love, we create, we build, we live…free. -Visions