Sugarcoat Vs. Captain Obvious

Gone are the days of denial when the truth is blaring you in the face how can you escape it?

Yes welcome. I know it’s been some time. Sabtaccals work out that way sometimes. Glad to be back. Heavy unpleasant incomings either cause you to retreat or stay in the fight. I decided to stay in the fight long ago. There is no turning back now. Thanks. Fight for what? you may wonder. Well, the fight for life in the perseverance of peace, justice, and for heaven’s sake the forsaken Truth. Yes in the hidden corridors of rest beyond the catfish sea there is a voice called liberty screaming out to me. It calls me every day and in that sense, I can not escape its plea.

Thank You all who have joined this mysterious exhibitor on this journey on Manilla Villa and hope you stay tuned for more. There has been so much happening this year. There seems no end in sight for the onslaught of unprecedented times. 2022 is still going strong of course and displaying its fierce fury but in the sweetness of all that blah, there is a Love that gives me hope. This Hope lingers in my soul as I relish in a vision for a brighter day and a more prosperous future for all.

The Days when We The People said, Enough!

As the wind blew the night watchmen peered into the sky looking on as the world shook into its place. The world seemed broken and bled with tears from all those weeping. Groans and wailing could be heard throughout the land. Yet at the breaking of the day, victory chants could be heard all over the place. Some began to question its cause but there were those who did not want it to exist at all. Suddenly the bells for justice began to ring and truth began to spread. Happiness and Truth were marching towards the horizon and there was nothing that could be done to stop it. Nothing.

Sugarcoat-Everything is fine. Nothing to see here folks! Move along and shut up. Now, do as your told.

Captain Obvious– No it’s not. Something is terribly wrong here and we are going to fix it.

Sugarcoat– What do you mean by, we?

Captain Obvious-We The People. We are going to fix it.

Understanding The Power Of Sharing Ideas

Ideas are the key to solving problems and improving our world. The best ideas are those that are shared and discussed, and the best way to share an idea is to present it to others. When you present an idea to others, you make it real in their minds. This process helps you to understand your idea better and can even help you to solve a problem yourself.

An idea is the first step toward solving a problem. The best ideas come from thinking outside the box, asking questions, and sharing information. The best way to learn is to observe and ask questions. By asking questions we can learn about the world around us, others, and ourselves. Learning is a lifelong process that involves observation. By making observations we can become more aware of our surroundings and ourselves. staying well informed about the world around us can help us to make better decisions and solve perplexing problems

Ideas shape the world for the better or for worse. It is a hope that our ideas can help the world remain a habitable place where the freedom of expression is upheld for those who will convey their ideas to others.

Indeed now more than ever we are confronted with those who are uncomfortable with people being well informed and educated about the world around them especially when it comes to acceptance of preferred established narratives on social and political issues. It is a situation where freedom of expression is not only restricted but also threatened. Yet despite this aggressive push to silence dissenting voices we still have a chance to continue to shape the world for the better by being well informed and educated about the world around us by researching our ideas and sharing our opinions and perceptions with others.

Discovering the truth is a valuable noble pursuit. And while we may be able to pin it down with a single statement or idea, even the best-researched and most supported ideas are still just ideas. The best way to learn again is to observe and ask questions. This keeps us constantly learning and growing as individuals.

Overall, we need to keep in mind that it is not a case of either of the two sides winning a battle, but rather of the two sides agreeing to disagree and learning to coexist. This is not an easy task and will take time, but it is something that we as a society must strive for.

Seeking Aleph-Bet

Seek Aleph-Bet one short prayer at a time.

Again the quest is on to take back what was stolen. How sweet. Isn’t it great to finally receive back what has been unjustly taken that you thought was lost forever? what a relief it is for one’s grieving soul to miraculously take possession of what was once deemed lost. Even today we can affectionately look at truth in the eyes and smile. Vindication is gloriously appreciated but so is love. Finally, we can move forward in a positive productive direction instead of being drenched in shame and dysfunction.

Looking beyond the veil looking past the fault intended we see the day the good Lord has designed. Can you see it?

Seeking the alef-bet in daily living is a quest fulfilled in love, pure love. Again we the people can see the truth and we can get to where we are going in love as informed beings ready to take back what was stolen as we peacefully demand equal justice. As we live we embark on a mutual beneficial cause that includes sharing and resetting humanity to recognize that we are the creations of a Creator that is in sovereignty in control over what happens in this world and to our own liv3s.

We can then rest in noble action to be the light and salt of the earth to bring love and protection to the innocent and vulnerable to live free from the crippling chains of oppression. We pray for our oppressors and against their foul behavior our persecutors. We pray for their souls and hand them over to their Creator for ultimate Judgement. We also prayerfully ask these aggressors to stop being unkind to people and to humanity. We humbly ask by the mercy of the good lord that we are set free and there is a turning away from tyranny to a path that is just.

Yes, we have the option of being a purposeful gateway to the truth or an advocate of deception. It is a living hope that we will overcome our uncertainties and embrace a life free and independent of the alluring control of totalitarianism in all of its brutal manifestations of forced implantation.

Many people desire peace and not war. Perhaps this generation or even the next will experience what it is like to live in a world free from blood lust as means of dominating others and creating pain for gain. At best there is nothing wrong with keeping the dream of universal harmony alive. As it is put teamwork makes the dream work. The path won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Stay strong and keep praying. The Best is yet to come for those who live by faith. Shalom.