Tonight’s The Night

Tonight’s the Night where all things beautiful are made.

How can this be? You may ask. That’s an excellent question.

Above a clear night sky the stars bare their radiant beauty even in the midst of the darkness. In the dark depths of the night with the hours that close out our days newness sprouts in all its glorious forms to a newborn birth to the enlightenment of informative discoveries. All these earthly experiences can culminate into a glimpse into our current reality that can help us to thrive and grow…

Love Bound

Love Bound

You cause me….

You cause me to think and when I do I think of you.


Arising like the morning sun the reality of you sunk in until all my gloomy assumptions about you bled out of my soul.

All Stations Ready Rain or Shine

Rain or shine all stations are ready.

Come rain or shine…

Come rain or shine we are destined to win.

We are destined to win come rain or shine…We are destined to win.


-The Righteous Warriors in Christ.

Every Night and Day

Every night and day you call me to your table as I peacefully eat of your luxurious meals.

Your LOVE is sure and your abundance of mercy is fervently true.

The gifts you lace my soul with enlighten my mind to new depths of understanding that I could not reach myself.

Point by point you lead me fair. With the potent power to make all things clear.

O’ how lovely is your continence and servitude that has triumphantly brought me to the gift of redemption…

In the night my soul quivers and yet rejoices in knowing that the light of day is not far behind the chrism tale of its own fatel demise.

Your justice is indeed here as the blue skies that sit above where there are no clouds. Where judgment reigns and your kingdom extends to the whole earth and beyond. None can escape your prominence.

All in favor of your sovereignty sing by the moon and dance before the sun.

Closing my eyes I quietly reach towards my living hope. I cannot help but smile. How can we not enjoy your beautiful existence within? Pure PEACE and JOY abounds in your presence. Yes, only in you does our eternal bliss remain sure.

-Love, Thankfully Restored.

Yah Supreme Special
@ Heart Repair Soul Central

Night Time Blues To Day Time Love

Pain-A Cold heart isn’t the only thing missing in your soul…

Ever wonder where the darkness leads if you play in it?

WE fester here in the dark together until the day dawns and we both look like fools under the fading moonlight.

Agonoy-So much regret. How do we repay our sorrows back or redeem our persecution?

Comforter-It is in every eye to wonder about searching for a deliverer in the bottom of a bottle or some other fading crescent resource. Yet, while the muse plays on knowledgeable enlightenment calls to them in love.

Where art tho’? My beloved. Our creator speaks.

A souls retreat from its vile course distilled ready for a redemption tale suitable for ensuring all sorts of happy pursuits.

Love-Our night passes and hope shines quietly into our bosom of our dreams. How lovely is our course now beyond the pale horse.

Justice then forms within heart as wisdom takes the helm. How glorious!