Eerie Rooms

Eerie- Slowly you take my hand into yours. Gazing lovingly into my being you gently yet, softly tell me how much you love me…

Casually my eyes slightly open again as sleep calls for me to return into the vast realms of imagination. Spiritually I drift into places unknown. Laying calmly on my bed of wonders my eyelids shut out the world as I turn gently back to rest.

My body lays still.Silence fills the room…

Eerie-Suddenly, I dream of darkness being swallowed up by the Light.

This piece was written for The Word of the Day Challenge

Being A Champion

Winning can seem so close but so very far away at times. And what does it mean to win anyway?

Taking time to reflect on our inward motivation can be so rewarding within itself. As wonderful creative beings, we possess power within to embrace our lives with valor if only we believe and feel we can.Finally, initiating movement, to where we want to be can make being a champion real and obtainable for us.

However, encountering obstacles in everyday life can be a challenge but overcoming them deserves a pat on the back even if it’s coming from yourself.


Having the determination to embrace our life experiences and process them in healthier productive ways enables us to grow and learn even from our most painful and unpleasant involvements too.

In reference to those painful experiences, it’s often within those experiences that we are assisted in our growth that surprisingly ushers in the knowledge needed to prune ourselves into champions.

Anyone can feel like a champion even if we are encircled by loss, seems like a tough concept to sell or accept at times but it’s true. What we believe ourselves to be we become.Our perspective of ourselves and of others actively shape our reality on a daily basis and manifests into the creation of our life experiences.

Our thoughts and feelings are very powerful magnets and if we don’t filter through them properly we can end up with results we really don’t want.

When we allow thoughts of defeat or doubts to slither their way into our conscious perceptions like seeds they plant themselves into the soil being the physical plane. We water these thought-filled seeds with our emotions and feelings and depending on the type of seed we plant the results manifest onto the physical plane in profound ways we often do not realize we initiated.

So being the creators that we are we can really take the bull (life) by the horns and start living as champions by feeling and thinking we already are even against the odds.



via Daily Prompt: Champion

Planting Prudent Seeds

Yes, life can seem like a whirlwind or a never ending useful jest. But what about the garden within the soul that desires beauty?

Days are long thoughts are fair. So what about those thought filled seeds? The soul of our own wonderful human imagination of the future awaits are beautiful seeds.

Our prudent journey can begin within seeds of thought laying them down on the fertile ground. At the altar of our feelings and smelling the sweet incense of our emotion we can excel to extasy, our wish fulfilled.

Spring is here! We have all the tools within. With love filled compassion and an act of tender care for the future, we can obtain our growth. Blessings!


Source: Prudent