The Joy, Pitfalls, and Informative Power of Forming an Opinion

Listening to opposing viewpoints can be difficult as an individual. Frequently, you may find yourself in an awkward situation in which you are unsure how to respond. Listening to others with opposing viewpoints prepares you to respond more effectively with your own. This process is known as “echo-chamber,” and it is one of the main reasons why people tend to focus on and listen to those who share their viewpoints.

How The Prosses of Forming an Opinion Works

The best method to establish opinions is to think about the available information carefully and critically. You are better able to make an opinion if you have more information. You can also make the whole process more difficult by limiting the amount of information or data you have. In the process of forming opinions, obtaining information is the first stage.

How We Can Reienforce Our Opinions

Once you have formed an opinion, it can be difficult to change your stance. However, by listening to different opinions, you are more likely to view them differently, and you are more likely to be able to potentially form a different view or gain a deeper understanding of opposing viewpoints. This process of changing or establishing an opinion through evaluating multiple perspectives can be very useful in forming new opinions or definitely solidifying your own.

How An Echo-Chamber Can Lead To Group Polarlization

Because people tend to listen to those who have similar opinions, they may be in an echo chamber. An echo chamber is a place where people tend to only listen to views they agree with, and reject views they disagree with. This process can lead to group polarization and, like the echo chamber, leads to people losing sight of alternative opinions. When group polarization occurs, people tend to focus on their own views and not consider or pay attention to alternative views.

In fact, it is possible to be in an echo chamber without even realizing it. One possible method is to look at only information that reinforces your pre-existing point of view. By limiting our information to only the information that exclusively backs up our pre-existing opinion, we can more easily ignore or dismiss information that does not reinforce or support our position. Hence, this can be dangerous because it is possible to get so wrapped up in your own existing views that we fail to consider alternative perspectives or understand a subject from multiple angles of dispute.

Outlining the benefits of listening to People With different views

There are numerous advantages to listening to those who hold different ideas than you. Hearing other people’s perspectives can help you realize that you haven’t given your opinion as much thought as you should have. You gain because you may be able to recognize that your own viewpoint is potentially flawed. You can benefit from evaluating various points of view you may encounter as a result of listening to different points of view.

Understanding a subject according to different viewpoints is the best method for creating an informed assessment on a matter. When managing a complicated subject, the best strategy to diminish weaknesses in your position is to get a more noteworthy comprehension of it according to different viewpoints. This is best refined through paying attention to other people who have differing perspectives. Paying attention to different perspectives can assist you with bettering understanding the subject and structure your own perspective. Paying attention to different perspectives is essential to making a determination on a matter. Paying attention to others’ viewpoints is both a learning experience and a strategy to get a more acquainted point of view regarding a matter.

It may be challenging to listen to differing opinions however it is vitally important to do so in order to create a better overall understanding. It is also important to be mindful and considerate when listening to others with differing views. While it may be difficult to listen to differing opinions, it is often in these conversations that you discover new insight and realize your own viewpoints are potentially flawed. With this insight, you are empowered and equipped with the proper knowledge to create your own opinion. You are in a better place to contribute to the discussion and to make your own opinion known. You can also learn how to express your opinion respectfully and how to be an effective conversationalist. It can also be helpful to remember that it is always possible to be wrong. You can benefit from learning how others think as well as from listening to their points of view. This process makes you a much more informed person. It is also a great way to get a better understanding of why people have different opinions.

Lastly, listening to others’ opinions can help you avoid an echo chamber. As you listen, you will be more aware of the points you agree with and the points you disagree with. This can help you to understand why others hold different views.

Hopefully, by learning to make informed decisions and not allowing others to define certain fixed narratives for us to accept without question, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves, and one another. Examining perspectives from various points of view and discussing our ideas has value. It is a living hope that, as difficult and painful as actively listening to opposing viewpoints can be, humanity will eventually reach a place where we can agree to disagree peacefully and contently enjoy where we share common ground.

WE Will Never Forget…

‘On this Memorial Day weekend, we commemorate those who lost their lives in our nation’s service and also those who served and passed on after each conflict, we honor their service, we mourn their departure and we pray that their dedication to a higher cause, a higher commitment to God and country will never be in vane. To secure the blessings of freedom and to continue to breathe the fresh air of liberty, on this Memorial Day weekend pray that our nation still produces young men and women who willingly place nation before self in order to secure freedom and peace for America indefinitely.

May God protect and bestow His blessings on the United States of America 🙏🏻🇺🇸’

-General M Flynn

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On this Memorial Day in memory of all fallen US soldier’s who lost their earthly lives giving the ultimate sacrifice for serving this country I salute u in gratitude. I would also like to extend my sympathies to families of all deceased US soldiers who painfully endured the death of their loved ones. Let’s never forget that the US was formulated & sustained in both Blood and Tears.

Today warrants a special day of remembrance for those who didn’t make it home. Today we honor the military personnel throughout our nations history who have died in the performance of their military duties while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Lets Prayerfully remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and their families. Lets Never forget there are courageous souls that willfully risk there lives to serve and protect this nation. 🇺🇸Godspeed. For Some its More than Long Weekend

Happy Memorial Day & Godspeed. Salutes.

When the Clock Crows Twelve….Do you Love me?

It was a different kind of love that I never experienced before in my life. It is the kind of love people dream about. A love so profound, unconditional, and spiritually deep. The love is beyond what I still can possibly phantom I looked up into the sky and said thank you YHWH for watching over me this day, tomorrow and in the days to come….

In times like these I’m reminded of peter the disciple(taught one) of Jesus. He was a good faithful friend until Jesus was taken captive. Peter Kepha (the rock) and he denied him three times just as his good sinless master faced the beginning of his sacrificial persecution. Reeling from his denials we can only imagine his agony in knowing he failed someone he loved deeply. He was weak in fear of man and woman alike. Yet this very man will later seek the face of the most high, ask for forgiveness, and by command of Jesus feed people with the living word of God and be martyred or killed for the sake of preaching the teachings of Jesus.

Peter could have given up but in the depths of his pain he returned back to life again to follow Jesus. He discovered an eternal truth that overshadowed his temporal pain. In the midst of his emotional turmoil Peter saw Jesus ressurrected Alive full of victory and love for his chosen servants. It must of been something to behold that profound love appearing again with a request to continue to feed the lambs the sheep of the people of God. Peter knows all too well being in darkness and coming into the light of the truth and now we are presented with the same opportunity.

The greatest set up became an even greater Comeback!

Thanks be to Yah!

Inspired By Luke 22:54-62 and John 21:15-17