A Recap of Insanity

To make it simple as it may seem we are on one heck of a ride aren’t we?

Across this dirty looking river there was an old man standing by the waterfront with a vacant blank stare on his face as he stood watching the ripples of murky water slowly pass by, he looked really creepy. He also looked severely lost and confused. So with concern I thought it best to try to get him away from the area before he hurt himself or God forbid someone else. However, before I could call 911 for him he disappeared into thin air like he was never even there. Shock overwhelmed my soul. Where did he go? I pondered. That’s when I woke up and turned on the tv, it was 4am.

Strategic Lies & Weary Woes

The sky was so blue, It wasn’t unusual for her to lie she did it naturally without even a shred of remorse. Unfortunately, somewhere on her malicious path towards her own pathological destruction she ended up committing perjury and was sentenced to ten years in prison for a federal crime. Too bad for her. Now maybe she’ll have time to think about it. [It] being lying…

You think someone is nice until they ask you for change

Take one good look in the mirror what do you see?

Going on that mid-night train to Georgiaaa…Wisconsin…Pennsylvania…

Go for the sunshine every time, it looks better…

Aren’t we all just a beautiful collection of music singing our creative tunes until we all stop because someone is out of pocket actually throwing the whole strip of melody off. Something must be done of course we must Stop at once and get it right. We’re off key! Now, lets continue…. Shall we?

Go On…Go On… Lets enjoy all the ways we gather until we take back the night past the shadows of deceit into the marvelous light of truth towards our extended bliss.-A dreamers dream

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Wild Work Unmasked

Topple the bridge until you reach your aim.

We cross the shining sea onto the shores of rebuke with glee.

In the blazing fire of the storm we gaze upon the wonders of our vindication.

Being Different is the New Normal

Vast minds meet collectively to reason together on the most complex questions and suddenly someone comes up with an idea that actually helps themselves and humanity. Now that is progress.

Data meets the Cookie of his dreams…

Hey there, my Name is Data what is yours?

Rambling of Intrigues

Watch the Planet Move. Cross Phases happen before an intake summons to render openly the results of our deeds. Other people take time to see there is a cure suitable of its owner. Later in the day others take refuge in the fact that other people are there with them and take refuge in being different until ridicule invades their peace and they try to be the show of their emotions which revels their inner pain.

Where else can people go to be free other than the streets? Other than doing what seems simple we all call ourselves free until freedom takes a chance and begins to creatively think of other ways it can be free from tyranny.

More importantly we must tackle the evil tyranny often that already exists within our own souls. If it be so that we are other than saints we owe ourselves a duty to be fearless human beings living to revel thought-provoking secrets that emerge in the evening rays to other stealth efforts while courageously converting to the truth.

However, it is easier for relenting tyranny to move past the Earth to another place far from our memory so we can blissfully enjoy a land of the free and a home of the brave.

Hence, one question remains. How can you be who you are if your hiding it? so play on player. If you can refuse yourself the luxury of the evening rays. For indeed, bright sunny days come and go in the view of many faces. We are indeed enslaved to our days until we are made free by them and resurrected spiritually motivated for something more.

Therefore, it is clear that seasons change but our collective love must thrive vibrantly within our hearts continually so we can overcome the perils of our journey to live free. Yes, we must collectively become strong for each other and many more future generations to come…

Your Beautifully Special As In You Are Wonderfully & Uniquely Made

I finally know the difference between pleasing and loving, obeying and respecting. It has taken me so many years to be okay with being different, and with being this alive, this intense. (xxvi)

― Eve Ensler, I am an Emotional Creature