Sugarcoat Vs. Captain Obvious

Gone are the days of denial when the truth is blaring you in the face how can you escape it?

Yes welcome. I know it’s been some time. Sabtaccals work out that way sometimes. Glad to be back. Heavy unpleasant incomings either cause you to retreat or stay in the fight. I decided to stay in the fight long ago. There is no turning back now. Thanks. Fight for what? you may wonder. Well, the fight for life in the perseverance of peace, justice, and for heaven’s sake the forsaken Truth. Yes in the hidden corridors of rest beyond the catfish sea there is a voice called liberty screaming out to me. It calls me every day and in that sense, I can not escape its plea.

Thank You all who have joined this mysterious exhibitor on this journey on Manilla Villa and hope you stay tuned for more. There has been so much happening this year. There seems no end in sight for the onslaught of unprecedented times. 2022 is still going strong of course and displaying its fierce fury but in the sweetness of all that blah, there is a Love that gives me hope. This Hope lingers in my soul as I relish in a vision for a brighter day and a more prosperous future for all.

The Days when We The People said, Enough!

As the wind blew the night watchmen peered into the sky looking on as the world shook into its place. The world seemed broken and bled with tears from all those weeping. Groans and wailing could be heard throughout the land. Yet at the breaking of the day, victory chants could be heard all over the place. Some began to question its cause but there were those who did not want it to exist at all. Suddenly the bells for justice began to ring and truth began to spread. Happiness and Truth were marching towards the horizon and there was nothing that could be done to stop it. Nothing.

Sugarcoat-Everything is fine. Nothing to see here folks! Move along and shut up. Now, do as your told.

Captain Obvious– No it’s not. Something is terribly wrong here and we are going to fix it.

Sugarcoat– What do you mean by, we?

Captain Obvious-We The People. We are going to fix it.

The Devastating Impact of Fascism

Will the world come to a conclusion with a boom or a cry, as playwright T.S. Eliot implies? Polish-American poet, Czeslaw Milosz envisioned the conclusion of the world to be just like another day. Perhaps those preoccupied with scrolling through TikTok feeds, attending insider parties, or inquiring about the next celebrity break-up will ignore the signs of totalitarianism on the rise in their own backyard. More likely the end of days will harken to the seductive call of a supermodern multiethnic-transhumanistic surveillance state. We’ll be as American as Wall Street, along with official lunch get-togethers, massive debt, and homemade apple pie.

Yet, The wolf in sheep’s clothing slowly whispers sweet nothings. Fascism with a smile. We’ll call it bewitching totalitarianism as a caution against its rich outside, intelligent control, and red velvet gloves.

The concern arises for humanity when we forget—or never learn—that Big Business-Big Government alliances, backed up by other aspects, were the primary reality underpinning old fascism’s power structures in the days of Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin. Now more than ever we ought to be on high alert in safeguarding the essence of our humanity and what it means to live with the ability to enjoy our God-given freedoms against collaborative merchant warfare, especially against innocent people that can be unfairly caught in the crossfire of coordinated agenda goals. It’s Disturbing.

This raises an important question. Will America continue to exist as a shadow of its former God-fearing liberty-loving self?

God forbid!

Roll Call for Freedom Lovers-Watch & Pray ☑️

Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it.”

-Hannah Arendhe Orgins of Totaliterianism

Tonight’s The Night

Tonight’s the Night where all things beautiful are made.

How can this be? You may ask. That’s an excellent question.

Above a clear night sky the stars bare their radiant beauty even in the midst of the darkness. In the dark depths of the night with the hours that close out our days newness sprouts in all its glorious forms to a newborn birth to the enlightenment of informative discoveries. All these earthly experiences can culminate into a glimpse into our current reality that can help us to thrive and grow…

Love Bound

Love Bound

You cause me….

You cause me to think and when I do I think of you.


Arising like the morning sun the reality of you sunk in until all my gloomy assumptions about you bled out of my soul.

All Stations Ready Rain or Shine

Rain or shine all stations are ready.

Come rain or shine…

Come rain or shine we are destined to win.

We are destined to win come rain or shine…We are destined to win.


-The Righteous Warriors in Christ.