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Seeking Aleph-Bet

Seek Aleph-Bet one short prayer at a time. Again the quest is on to take back what was stolen. How sweet. Isn’t it great to finally receive back what has been unjustly taken that you thought was lost forever? what a relief it is for one’s grieving soul to miraculously take possession of what was … Continue reading Seeking Aleph-Bet

Oscars Side Show Offers An Action, Packed Smack to Remember

The Oscar Academy Awards have degenerated into a total mess. Fashion, wise there was only one gown that stunningly looked good: Lupe Nyong’o’s golden gown. Although Jada Pinkett-Smith’s enormous lettuce leaf gown was criticized, at least she didn’t have exposed butt cheeks protruding. Will Smith striking Chris Rock, reminiscent of when Kanye West storming the … Continue reading Oscars Side Show Offers An Action, Packed Smack to Remember

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