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ManillaVilla is a special place where the inner workings of imagination come and play on the canvas of reason. After the art-infused banter is done we cascade back to the entertaining world of commentary together with a twist. Now, don’t be sacred. Take a peek & explore around…

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Sugarcoat Vs. Captain Obvious

Gone are the days of denial when the truth is blaring you in the face how can you escape it? Yes welcome. I know it’s been some time. Sabtaccals work out that way sometimes. Glad to be back. Heavy unpleasant incomings either cause you to retreat or stay in the fight. I decided to stay…

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What Communication Skills Are Important?

Having strong communication skills benefits all aspects of daily life, from professional to personal to everything in between. All business transactions are the result of communication. Good communication skills are required to enable others and yourself to comprehend information more accurately and quickly. What is Communication? Communication is the ability to understand and be understood.…

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By The Boots

The ground thick soil readies its blows sounds of classic clagging reach the peek of solitude ferries row  the music in tow  That glorious vessel takes its voyage into the fog  Night drills on and so does the moment. We reach our destination in the night hours.  smiling into the wind we take a breath…

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