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                                                                  Space Warriors


The sky of bright stars embeds itself in the dark vast universe twinkling in time as our ship embraces our voyage of space.The earth year is 2080.I am Captain Desh, leader of an advanced fleet of space warriors, ready and willing to defend our united galaxy from sudden terror beyond.

Our world as we knew it drastically changed since the Blotonic wars broke out on Earth.In the pre-Blotonic war years within Earth year 2025 to be exact the world was in such terrible turmoil that destruction of our most precious resources began to dwindle. With various nations continuing their unrelenting aggressive campaigns for war, the planet earth was in complete chaos. The demise of our very existence as human beings became threatened by the onset of malicious tyranny.This war among ourselves as human beings all festered until the Blotonic Alien forces arrived on our planet diverted our attention among ourselves.

The Blotonic Aliens were a brood vicious Alien force that threatened humanity with genocide.Determining that unity as a human breed would be the only best option to defending ourselves as a planet within this vast unknown universe. Hence, our earth nations then decided with the awareness of the Blotonic Aliens to unite under one flag and planet. We joined together and fought back against the Blotonic alien force. We won.However, paper workEarth was never the same.We realized we were not alone in the Universe.

So with the technology knowledge, we gained from our decade-long war with the Blotonic Aliens we were able to assemble and advance a fleet of soldiers commonly known as, space warriors special forces (swsf). We are a necessary extension of earth’s planetary governing military personnel.For we defend and explore the frontier of space continually.Our mission is to defend and to protect humankind at all costs. A mission that I’ve given my whole life to.

Now, I am Captain of my own ship to defend our united front in space. This is a duty I’ve waited many years to grasp. With grit and determination, I have finally arrived. Pushing through the ranks I have been given the honorary privilege to be called, Captain Desh. Feelings of accomplishment bring sudden delight to my heart. All might be lost in this…my thoughts are interrupted. I feel someone tapping on my shoulder my quiet internal reflection disturbed.

“Excuse me are you done making copies?” A co-worker stares at me with a blank puzzled stare.”Oh, yes…sorry must have been daydreaming again.” I quick paperwork from the copier machine and rush over in embarrassment to my cubicle prison.Sitting down I scrabble to find a pen and pad to rush down what my imagination birthed.

With swift desperation I begin to write frantically my new creative ideas with intense excitement. Suddenly, a faint familiar whisper of internal encouragement speaks.You are a successful published writer. With glee I envelop myself in the feeling of my wish fulfilled. I smile. With a faint tone of delight I quietly utter to myself. I am that, I am..

Written By: Naomi Gobern

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