The Story of Love

The season is ready to bring in its own glory. When justice is nothing but a memory languish will consume our thoughtful recall. What then shall we remember from a pool of resistance?

Though with increasing knowledge humanity currently breeds in all sorts of delight that often deteriorates a culture unknowingly.The family a unit of the divine the crescent of a society has slowly been exhausted with continual assault. What the shall we call our great movement? The movement of passive submission perhaps. It is time for a change, of course, a more reasonable result.

Love is a  fundamental ingredient that must be injected within any society for it to remain strong and relevant. Love breeds all sorts of goodness.However, with love’s rival hate love devours its oppression with pure strategic excellence. No, kindness is not weakness but, an absolute strength. Those who possess love acquire virtue. Good always prevails over evil no matter how aggressive evil becomes. Hopefully, knowing that Love is a valuable ingredient to a stable and peaceful union humanity will succeed. With the fundamental aspect of love, humanity can prosper in existence as a collective species in a healthy positive way.

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