The Truth Within

What does it mean to be free?

Apart of being free is to awaken in the dust and ashes of what we perceive to be real. Everyone is able to awaken this spark of intrigue if they only embrace their inner energy calling them to be one with that source that creative source that emarks and is imprinted on every soul.

Outside of matter this universe is alive with great wonders. All in all we seek and yet we can find by looking within ourselves for that truth that when begotten calls for us to return to a proper state of power. This power is great and noble lying within humanity always willing to revive itself when the alignment is right for us to see that very truth come alive within our consciousness.

Freedom comes when all else is left to just be. When you let go of inner and outer control and know the power you have within to create the world the way you desire it to be. That’s being free letting your creative energy free and embracing the abundance of life.




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