It was a cold winter when I remember the stillness of your breath.

Wonders of the night creep in suddenly and its then that I blissfully take a long look at life in all its grandstanding allure.

Every moment we unite is like a cradled dream in my imagination we are one, you and I.

The cold breeze takes you away from my sight, yet you remain nestled in my soul.

Seasons take their course in love divine so precious are those moments we bare.

If only you were here with me now to take in our warmth….


The showing of love kept me warm in those dark nights I was left alone.

Every morning I’d wake up to the sun and ponder life in all its offerings of both beauty and pain.

For all its philosophical worth I am but a bounty of delight giving and receiving a gift called breath.

Why is it that death is such a horror?



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